Digital Detox at Workplace: How the “Techistudent” team does it

Paradoxically, the thought of remaining totally disconnected in a connected world is liberating and crippling at the same time. Digital detox is your passport to unbridled exclusivity in the highly demanding digital world, However, thoughts of missing your bids, client e-mails and the latest tech news periodically drive you paranoid.

Digital detox at workplace: How we do it

Is digital detox even possible while you’re running, updating and promoting a tech blog and other client assignments at the same time? Let me tell you, the Techistudent team consistently follows a digital detox regime without affecting productivity- primarily because digital detox is a great way to rejuvenate oneself and come back to work with double the vigor and focus. We thought of zeroing in on weekends for this process at first, but that would have meant that our members weren’t on their smartphones and available for their friends as well. Keeping the impracticality of the move in view, here is what we were determined to do:

a) Digital detox would happen very much on weekdays- WHILE AT WORK

b) Each member of the team would do the detox once every two months on a rotation basis (all of them going off from work together for 24 hours isn’t advisable either)

c) The member who is to do the detox would be present at work and plan his operations a day prior (and how does he or she do that without the digital aids? That’s something interesting to be found out)

This is how each member of our motley team practices digital detox once every two months at work:

 Every member (doing the detox) communicates with everyone else at work via papers (and not via e-mails or chats).

 Informs everyone in family and friends a day in advance that his/her phone would be switched off and that he/she can be contacted (only if needed/in case of urgencies) through the office phone.

 Clients are informed about unavailability a day in advance as well. Since I (the entrepreneur) have workable knowledge of diverse digital disciplines including content, programming, web design and others, urgent client requirements are redirected to me

The person doing the detox at workplace is encouraged to do anything he likes except turning on those digital devices – read a book, sketch, write (pen and paper) or just take rounds for fresh air.

Digital detox: Putting our ideas into practice

Notably, we have made it a point to practice digital detox at office instead of at home or anywhere else because we wanted to see whether at all our idea of doing it at workplace is workable or not. We wanted everyone else to actually witness the impact of digital detox on our productivity and encourage them to practice it as well.

I, as the entrepreneur, resort to detox every 3-4 months. Our senior most executives Sunny Saha and Shishir Limboo are assigned my urgent tasks (if any) then.

Our special “digital detox training” sessions (held once every two weeks) are aimed at equipping employees to handle diverse projects when seniors are doing detox.


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