Content Re-purposing – A New Lease of Life for Topics Residing In Your Hall of Fame

Re-purposing content is certainly a great idea. Your archived posts may continue to acquire fresh value and gain more life with time. Your entire creation process is bound to gain a head start with re-purposing of your content. The best of blog posts residing in archives will eventually find a window to vent off.

Advantages of content re-purposing

One of the most precious online resources is time. The entire content creation process is quite time consuming. So content re-purposing can actually save much of your valuable time.

Re-purposing has one or more of the following advantages:

SEO boost:
A certain keyword can be targeted with more opportunities created by more pieces of content created around a single topic. In addition, you’re bound to acquire quality links to your site if your re-purposed content is shared. It will provide you with the advantage of customizing your anchor text shown in the link.

New target audience:
The piece of original content that you have created may have seemed appealing to only a certain segment of your visitors. Content re-purposing may help you reach a much wider audience within a short time. Multi-channel marketing is more effective as it helps visitors to access your content depending on their web searches.

Repetition of messages:
A message actually sinks in the thoughts of your visitors when it gets repeated time and again. A marketing rule states that your users need to hear a message for a minimum of 7 times to be able to understand and feel it within. It will help them close a deal finally.

More authority:
The profile of your business gets lifted within the industry once you start publishing and sharing quality content across multiple channels. It won’t take much time before the others will learn to respect you for your expertise.

Quality and timelessness are two most important aspects of content creation. The timeless nature of your content makes it all the more relevant. Likewise, true quality makes it more appealing for your target audience.

Importance of content reviewing
You must keep a track of how your posts have performed for over a predetermined period of time. For this, you’ll need to keep an eye on your site analytics. Compare the top content published prior to the beginning of your monthly performance report with that of those published till the end.

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