The Latest Robots in the Field of Defence

Say technology, say robots along with it. Technology is heightening at a fast pace, so is in India the robotics. Military robots are autonomous robots or remote-controlled mobile robots created for military purposes. These robots serve as saviours in tough times, they rescue, and they serve as transporters. The military robots have a significant role in saving soldiers’ lives. They come to rescue the soldiers who are on-the-field fighting, and maybe killed in the battle. Thereby, they save people’s life and the members of a nation.

More enhancements and efforts are put to work to make the robots autonomous, so that they can charge their own selves from foraging plants. One major instance in making more developed robots is to remove the humanly emotions that prevails the robots to do wrongs in the battle field. Robots are not made to do ethical tasks in the battlefield but to go against the opponents and save people’s lives.

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Today in India, military robots are upgrading. Though the development is not like the foreign ones but it will soon be at par with it. The Analytics India powered robots or the AI-powered robots can make their way through hazardous terrains, perform remote surgery, and chiefly execute surveillance missions. The more the military robots are becoming fast and autonomous the more they are conquering the defence landscapes and saving human lives.

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India is heightening its defence robots and CAIR which is an artificial intelligence for India has already created numerous robots in India. MARF or Multi Agent Robotics Framework is an initiation by CAIR on which they have been working since last 8 months now, aims to make an array of robots which can execute every single function as the human soldiers. The architecture of the AI-powered robots is layered with multitude of military applications. Unmanned systems for the defence field can only be crafted by the help of artificial intelligent.

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The Hi-Tech Robotics System is gifting us with world class Indigenized Robotics and Unmanned System products for keeping Armed/Civil personnel safe. With over 17 areas of patents of Robotics, Hi-Tech Systems promote a craggy intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance system. It even associated itself with DRDO to create “CBRNE” which is a huge success in rescuing high altitude operations and surveillance.

DRDO is quite renowned in the field of robotics is constantly giving their efforts in making a warfare robot which can cross every rough terrain with ease and thereby boosting unmanned capabilities. The efforts undertaken by DRDO will be a huge success as the robots will be able to differentiate between a friend and a threat thereby reducing number of casualties. The

DRDO chief said in an interview, “We are going to work for robotic soldiers. We are going to look for very high level of intelligence in it than what we are talking today… It is a new programme and a number of labs are already working in a big way on robotics.” Therefore, India is also on her way to success.


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