The impact of private spaceflight companies in the development of space resources

Neil de Grasse Tyson had very rightly said that the universe of ours is under no obligation to make sense to us. The space is vast and consequently there is no end to exploration of the space that surrounds us. Search for new discoveries in space has been going on for quite a few millennia now and it is become rather important and significant now, considering the fact that at the rate of growth of population on earth, the Earth is going to become one very crowded place.



There is only one solution to this problem, and in all probability the solution will not be found here on earth going by the current trends. What seems imperative now is to consider suitable habitats of human beings on other nearby planets of the solar system to us. To Scheiber thus means, many organisations have started working on this domain and they have reached some interesting conclusions too.


Support of the Government:

Both, Government agencies as well as private spaceflight and exploration companies have sunk their hands elbow deep into the pot of available space resources. This is to mine for any usable piece of knowledge, any small clue as to the existence of places surrogate for human life. A major question that needs to be answered is that how will private spaceflight companies change the development of space resources. Well frankly, as of now we can only guess. Government space agencies now only seem to be spending money, and only a fraction of that is done constructively, or that is what seems apparent.


Participation of Private Companies:

So what private companies should aim and strive to attain is to look for interesting resources that the government might overlook. One common example would be to closely observe asteroids with earth-like orbits. With this, they could be reached easily and thus their chemical compositions can be accurately determined too. Looking at gas giants, on the other hand, might prove efficient, but expensive for private spaceflight companies.


Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be done, in the words of Carl Sagan, and it is true to life. And this something, located somewhere, can only be discovered by the joint efforts of all the people involved in the field of space exploration and research. If Government units are tied up with the private space companies, and work together sharing the resources, who knows, the future might turn up to be quite a bright one for us.


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