The Different types of Electric Scooters

Conventional scooters have become outdated now. As everyone knows that petrol and diesel are non-renewable sources of energy and mankind cannot depend on them for their entire life. The process of finding out alternatives for conventional scooters led to the development of electric scooters. As the name says they are powered by electricity. It has a battery attached to it which stores electricity while recharging the electric scooter. Use of electric scooters not only saves petrol and diesel but also save the environment by offering you a dust free ride.  As petrol or diesel is not used, the point of emitting harmful dust doesn’t arise.

Why should one purchase an electric scooter?

When the electric scooters were introduced for the first time, many people were reluctant to buy them as they thought it might not provide them a smooth ride. But this misconception was soon cleared out and now more and more people are purchasing an electric scooter. Even the government is supporting the increased use of electric scooters as with their help one can reduce the pollution level to a considerable amount. Even people will shift their dependence that was previously on petrol and diesel to electricity. Electricity is a renewable source of energy. It can be generated with the help of solar energy, tidal energy, and many other sources; hence one need not worry about the dependence factor in this case. Electric scooters provide all the relevant features that a scooter must have and they also come in various models. So people get to choose according to his preference.

Types of Electric Scooters

There are various types of electric scooters, like:

  • Three-Wheeler Scooter– This is the ideal scooter for carrying heavy weights to distant places. It is very comfortable and has terrific performance capabilities under harsh weather conditions. The only drawback is its heavy weight.


  • Four-Wheeled Scooter– They are heavy- duty scooter that can cover a long distance in a shorter period. The quality used in these scooters is top-notch and can make your ride smooth even on the most rugged roads.


  • Foldable Scooters- These are the ideal scooters for people who always keep shifting from one place to another or don’t have enough garage area to keep their scooters. It is affordable, foldable, lightweight and accompanied with other relevant features.

  • Kick Scooters- Kids love to ride on a kick scooter. It not only comes in beautiful designs but is also compact and gives tremendous joy while taking a ride on it. These scooters normally operate in the range of 10-15 mph of speed and are really safe.


  • Electric Chair type scooter- This is the best possible invention for physically challenged people ever made. All those who cannot stand and walk can use these scooters for covering distance. They come along a headrest and rotating chair, giving them a sense of comfort.


All the electric scooters have one thing in common. They offer a splendid riding experience to everyone who owns it and is a product that totally lives up to its claims.


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