‘Tele-immersion: A Pillar of Success’

Speaking of development of technology is passé, now what matters is visualising it. We always talk about so many innovations around the world. We fall, we get up, we thrive and this way technology evolves itself. Now, needless to mention that Internet is our weapon and it is  because of it that we have such a long way without much physical humanly help actually, or precisely nowadays people actually don’t care to help. Nevertheless, our journey with Internet has always been a strongly tied one because we have learnt endlessly from it. We are getting to know more and more with the passage of days about how education is imparted in the intense rural areas through internet, how just a click on the whatsapp is making out a solution of a tough answer and so more. Time is never constant, we are changing and evolving and so is time. It is because of this human mind that today internet after a concatenation has come up with another triumph of technology.

Till few days back we were into Skype and video calling apps alike, and that offered a heavenly bliss to many after actually taking into account the hoary past where pigeons were used to pass a letter. Now it is the age of ‘Tele-immersion’, which is the newly proposed and executed technological development in the internet. It is compatible with internet2 which is another high paced creation emerging out soon and here the internet connection will be thousand times faster. Till now we were aware and used to with the video calling thing from our mobiles or laptops or computers now this has taken a step ahead by tele-immersion which will involve virtual technology to bring the 3D effect to the users. To make it smoother and clear – one can now be able to talk with other persons as if they are present with them despite them staying maybe miles away and you with someone else. By this innovation it is now possible for biggies like scientists who most of the times are poles apart will be able to meet through tele-immersion.

People mainly the engineering ones maybe contemplating about its working, and here it is. Tele-immersion blends virtual reality with video, because of which a solid experience is feasible among people. There are numerous camera, plenty of computers working at remarkably high speeds, all these integrates to make a holographic images which is transferred to both the ends of the users and surroundings. The images are actually 3D ones which is being sent, and that’s why both ends can see the surroundings like the contents and rooms and stuffs of each other too. This technology uses much high speed internet and high resolution cameras because of which plethora of information, large amount of data can be transferred within fraction of seconds. Without much saying, this is really going to make life much easier and comfortable.

We often hear devastating news of children or human dying of inhumane diseases and why they cannot be treated ? For there are no availabilities of doctor for that specific disease. We just see and are not able to do anything. Now this is made possible, tele-immersion will make the treatments available worldwide, for every human deserves treatment and cannot pass away like that. It is now possible for an expertise doctor to actually serve for a dying patient and bring back life in him no matter how far they’re. Another instance is imparting education which lacks immensely in many regions, technology will definitely make the best out of all children by making education available through tele-immersion.

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