Technology trends: What 2017 is poised to witness

Time and again we have come to realize that technology advancements have made our lives a lot easier. It is enticing to have a techno aided gadget that fits in your pocket and can do almost anything for you! So what next in 2017? With every passing year we see an evolution when the previous forms get all reincarnated into what the world covets. Instead of hanging around till we are actually in 2017, let this post greet you to a walkthrough unravelling the technology trends that will silhouette this New Year.

Technological trends shaping the year 2017: What we can expect

Internet-of-things – much awaited uprising: We live in a digital world surrounded by apps and appliances. However with no sync amongst all these apps and with ruthless competition among market pioneers— interconnectedness gets distorted. A change can be foreseen with eminent brands taking interest in creating a synthesis amongst all existing smart home technologies.

Breakthrough with AR and VR: Next year will also see major progress in this field. Launching of new age devices is already hitting pilot phase. Once AR and VR come into the open we shall have to prepare to abide by versions of the same in everything we do.

Artificial Intelligence taking over: Machine learning until now was seen in a handful of applications. This coming year we can expect some great move forward on this sector lining up any and every consumer application in the market. It will not be far when with the help of SEO stores can single out products looking up our purchase history— resulting in enhanced user experience.

Adding stars to automation: Automation and machine learning goes hand in hand and the current focus is on machines that can perform tasks which earlier were considered doable only by humans. We need things faster and accuracy is not to be compromised. Automation thus is the language of today.

Analytics and Big Data: Data can be of help only if available in an apposite manner. This year we can hope to see some working ahead in this area, humanizing big data will add structure and index to the same— making it user friendly.
Amalgamation between the “physical” and “digital”: We can hardly see anybody without a smart phone in their hands.

Technology is like our lifeline— anything from buying clothes and grocery online, to booking appointment at the doctor’s chamber and buying savories— what we can do with apps today, was unimaginable even a few years ago. Next year we will see more famed online brands displaying abundant physical items for online shopping. On the other hand, retail stores will imbibe digital features like featuring store maps on their sites.

Summing up—- no matter how much we talk about the new technology trends that may come to dominate the year ahead, nothing in this techno world can be fully predicted. Impromptu developments can happen without notice and leave us flabbergasted.

As of now, the aforementioned trends are the most talked- about ones.

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