Speech Processing: How it Became an Industry?

Speech has always been the preferred mode of communication for many years now, with fewer people wanting to use the pen as a communication tool, their first choice has always been to say rather than write, and no wonder converting speech-to-text is now a multi-million dollar industry.

The doctors at the clinic or the hospital no longer have enough time to write patients medical record, they instead choose to dictate it into a digital voice recorder for medical transcribers to convert their speech into text, and thanks to their lack of time, the medical transcription process is providing employment opportunities to not only people in the United States but to people living in India or Philippines.

Similarly the television production companies for many years now have entertained millions and millions of people, but thousands of people that are hearing impaired were unable to comprehend the programs because sub-titles were not added to the television programs, only after the US government took the step to make it mandatory for all television programs to have embedded sub-titles in them, the television companies are now adding them in all the programs.

Most television companies do not do it in-house, but instead, use the services of transcription companies that convert speech-to-text. The audio of the entire program is converted into text and captioning software inserts the text into the programs. The text or the sub-titles are synchronized accurately, at the bottom of the screen, so that it appears in tandem with what is being spoken by the characters in the television program.

What is ASR?

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) transforms speech into text, which makes the process of note-taking history. Virtual history, as it were because all one has to do is to speak where the microphone can reach, and the words are converted into text. Speech recognition software is known around the world, but now it’s available for everyone and can be downloaded for free. Speech recognition technology took the world by storm when it was first invented, and it’s continuing to do so even today. From big companies to independent people, everyone wants to make their mark in the speech recognition world. This is a wide application of speech processing technology

The doctors and the television companies are not the only ones that choose to hire speech processing services, the universities and students also solicit the services of speech processing for documenting academic research or typing dissertations for graduating students, including the thesis for post-graduates taking PhDs. Therefore people with the skill of converting speech-into-text are working overtime, either out of their homes or in offices that hire them for medical or media transcriptions.

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