The 20th century has witnessed the emergence of gadgets and technologies against the backdrop of some serious research, development and technological innovation around the world. Though the basic motive remains the same, the way to achieve those motives have changed. The limitations of time, space and resources have significantly changed the mode of operations of industries and business. Reducing the operation costs, time can significantly boost the economy of any business.

The conventional business methods are being substituted by some of the technological innovations like the use of electronic signatures to reduce the transition time between contracts, the field work required and the security of the transaction. The transition from blue ink to the electric one has, in every use case, helped organizations to improve in terms of efficiency, reduction in costs, and mitigation of risk. It removes the tedious task of documenting the document on paper, getting it signed and then scanning back to make it a soft copy to me emailed. The signature on the document be copied by people who are exact in the art. The introduction of e-signature serves the dual purpose of cost benefit and security enhancement while transit of the document.

E signatures are the best possible solution the business firms and individuals can come up with. It is basically an electronic method used to confirm the identity of the message’s creator. The terms and conditions of the agreement can be stated in a document file and the E-signature software can integrate the signing and possible passcode to the document. The first party composes the message and attaches the document with the signatory authentication and passcode to the registered user through an email. The document may be countersigned by both the parties and it depends upon the type of agreement to be made. It can thus be used to confirm the identity of the message creator and has is more secure than the traditional pen and ink type which needed proper documentation. Industries associated with regulatory filings and e-commerce use this advanced technology as they are considered to be highly secure. The e-signature software need to be installed on the system or may be compiled only using a verified account. The software requires some basic system requirements to function properly. Most of these software allow for a free trial period which can be used to test the compatibility to the need of the consumer. These software provide for the integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM software) systems. Doing so helps remove data silos and optimize operations to enhance efficiency. This e-signature can be incorporated into the pdf documents as well using the Adobe Acrobat software which provides for the integration of signatures into the document to validate the transaction.

This advanced technology is standing strong against the test of time and has contributed to the business world in a positive way. The greater the applicability of the technology can benefit the platform and may be able to innovate the software to reduce any case of possible security breach.

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