5G: Sooner Than We Imagined?

5G: Sooner than we imagined?

While India is yet to wake up fully to 4G, a few have already renounced it as obsolete. Needless to say, discussions regarding 5G have already been doing the rounds (though you didn’t know it) for quite some time now, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already gone on to place its proposal regarding the initiation of proceedings of 5G.

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Since the proceedings have just started, it’s a tad early to delegate 4G in the junk bracket, however the future of 5G is definitely nearer than what we thought. Tom Wheeler (the chairman of the commission) went on to declare on Twitter that if this proposal is accepted then the US is going to be the first country in the world to embrace the high-band network.

So, how’s the 5G world going to be like? Here is a glimpse:

Will 5G spell major transformations as far as the crux of technology is concerned? 5G promises ultra high speed and super low latency to consumers- needless to say, driven by the addition of higher processing power to the base stations.

5G: The kind of transformation we can expect

The transformation, it is predicted, will most strongly manifest itself in connectivity. Indian Express observes that even a farm which provides food will be connected to the refrigerators. In fact, 5G has also sparked fears that even humans might opt to stay connected with each other – not the way in which we are connected today but by means of sensors. Connectivity, it is believed, will be bolstered by the base stations’ efforts to shift to drones and balloons.

5G is tipped to offer 10 to 100 times faster speed than what is offered by the present spectrum. The omnipresence of 5G however does not enjoy unequivocal or unquestionable optimisim as well. In fact, its ability to penetrate buildings is still clouded by doubts. 5G as per many cannot travel far. Also, there is a possible need for smartphones to get smarter to catch signals

Internet of Things and more

At the heart of this shift from 4G to 5G will be the Internet of Things. The network itself has to be sagacious enough to figure out the way it should ideally allocate resources. It should, of course, be aware of its limitations. If it is steering self-driven cars, then it should understand that these cars require very fast signals, i.e. a fraction of millisecond of response to function. The network has to be duly aware of its contents, location and user as such.

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