4 Biggest ways in which technology is misused by us – How to stop it immediately

People love to go around thinking that smartphones are indeed smart, so much smart that you don’t actually have to learn to use them. All the things that we can now do with our smartphones couldn’t be imagined a decade back and still majority of us use our phone and tablets to only check mails, update statuses in Facebook, click photos and offer people the chance to practice face palmistry as an art.

With the constant releases of the iPhone, there have already been some really weird and wacky ways in which people are testing the Touch ID technology utilizing their fingerprints to unlock their phone. You can be dead sure about the fact that more and more things will pop up when people set their hands on the new iPhone model. Before all this hits the web, we should take a close look at the present ways in which we are misusing mobile technology. Check them out and know why you should put an end to it immediately.

#1: Watching unreserved things while being seated in the Parliament

McCain was once caught while he was playing Poker on his iPhone when he was present at the Syria hearing and internet got viral within few minutes. But at the same time when we hear about politicians who watch unreserved things in parliament meetings, no one speaks a word about it. Recently Huffington Post studied that more than 300,000 attempts were recently made to seek access to adult porn sites while at work in the House of Commons. 3 Ministers resigned after being caught for sharing a clip during the parliamentary session.

#2: It’s not the people who attend concerts but their iPads do so

When people go to attend concerts or recitals, iPads come in their way as overzealous parents try to get a video of their children performing who are right there performing in front of them. Parents who are seated at the back can’t see anything but the outstretched heads of the people and outstretched iPads. All that the kids can see is the back of iPads and smartphones instead of proud faces of parents.

#3: Large numbers of in-app purchases on iPad

The maximum time that a child spends with the iPad is by making in-app purchases. The iPad is indeed a great tool for most children but they are immensely attracted to the games. As the kids know everything about handling iPhones and downloading games, they keep doing so and their parents are later on overwhelmed to see their $1799 bill which their kids have racked up. The only good news is that Apple has offered them a refund and hence kids now learn the vitality of disabling such in-app purchases.

#4: A useless collection of numerous selfies

Here is yet another interesting study made after researching the social networking sites. People nowadays post too many selfies on the social media and little do they realize that selfies are actually bad for the social media. Constantly sharing pictures of yourself among your peers will make you less relatable among them. You may feel that psychologically they are vital as they are a form of self-exploration and it is also one of the biggest reasons why bathroom mirrors are becoming popular during impromptu bathroom photoshoots.

In a nutshell, the way in which we keep misusing technology clearly proves how we aren’t much different from others. We may find each other at disparity when it comes to the software and hardware we use but as long as the interaction with technology is concerned, we all keep doing such stupid things.

Image source: http://vistaedfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/VEF-technology.jpg

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