2017: The year of 5G!

2017 will be the year of 5G and before we ring in the New Year, let us find out whether at all 5G will actually change our lives in more ways than we can imagine or not. 5G and the Internet of Things are going to dominate the most eminent tech shows around the globe coming up in 2017.

So, before getting confounded by the frills, let us find out the basics of 5G – or for that matter-let us understand whether at all it is better than 4G or not. If yes, then how? We will explore answers here.

5G is all set to bolster your on-the- move internet experience – at a time when even 4G is losing steam. While we already know that, we aren’t really aware of how it will do it.

The upcoming network system is capable of processing way higher speed than what 4G can. Its latency is much lower compared to the existing cellular networks as well. It will employ a special type of encoding called OFDM, which resembles the encoding technique used by LTE.

The most amazing aspect of this particular networking system is that it can process frequencies as low as old television channels or high as the millimeter waves. The network, at present, is tipped to have the power to boost capacity by around 4 times than what current systems can do with the aid of advanced antenna functionalities.

4G LTE networks at present have the maximum speed of around 1 Gbps – which is vulnerable to hindrance posed by tall buildings. 5G, it is expected, will brook no such interruption. Higher download speeds and increased productivity are the immediate benefits of 5G. However, it has been predicted that the new smartphones backing 5G that are yet to be launched are going to be expensive!

The introduction of the 5G range will likely lead to less or no overlapping frequency range.

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