Instagram and eCommerce? That should be a lot of fun!

Instagram, it seems, is really propelling its e-commerce capabilities with the introduction of the new feature which enables retailers to add more information about the content published by them to the photo and video-sharing app.

Instagram and eCommerce: The future connect

Jim Squires, the app’s director of market operations has told the Fortune magazine that 60% of the consumers check multiple options before making a purchase. At times, customers are just not content with the photos of products. They might need more details including size, price and colors. Instagram went n to claim that the 20 of the biggest US retail brands including Warby Parker, JackThreads and Coach will, very soon, start sharing organic posts of products that will include a small tap to view icon at the bottom of the photo on the left hand side.

Notably, Instagram’s eCommerce ambitions became very clear from 2015 itself when it started enabling advertisers to add a “buy now button” to their ads that would offer links to the retailer’s store.

What shoppers have in store

The new small tap button, when tapped, will show a tag on the items within a particular post. The users can choose a tag to get more detailed view of the product including information about price and more. Retailers can even go on to add a “Shop Now” link – clicking on which the shopper will be led to the listing on the web page of the retailer. Squires has further claimed that the posts will have more depth now.

The platform boasting of a strong 500 million monthly active users is yet to claim a financial cut from the purchases and is solely making money from advertising. It has more than 500,000 advertisers as well.

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