What is FFForget and why will it matter in 2017?

Time and again studies have proven that social media hampers workplace productivity in a major way. So, don’t be surprised to find many of your friends vowing to leave these social platforms in 2017.

However, the fear of losing digital memories is something which has repeatedly stopped them doing so before and will probably continue doing the same. What if it was possible to have a complete backup of your digital exploits? What if you could actually see all that you had done on Facebook or Twitter even after leaving these sites?

What is Kaspersky up to?

Before you start arbitrarily ruling out such a possibility, let us tell you that the very famous tech security firm Kaspersky Lab has taken a step towards that end. It is presently testing a real-time encrypted data back up services associated with social media.

If the firm is able to pull off its endeavors successfully then you would be able to store your Facebook, Google and Twitter data outside these platforms.

What is FFForget?

The firm now is eager to figure out whether at all this app will be of any interest for people or not. As a means to gauge acceptability, Kaspersky has launched a website and provided the details of the app FFForget. Individuals can sign up here and convey their interest and let the developers know which features they would like to be added. The firm has clearly clarified that there is no beta launch happening before 2017.

It wouldn’t really be wrong to say that the firm’s decision to introduce this app is closely associated with a research commissioned by it. Over 4,800 web users were polled and around 78% of them expressed their desire to leave the social networking platforms. More than 39% people opined that they were wasting time here.

The future with FFForget

The firm has envisaged a future where the data lock-in issues (related to social media) would be addressed with the help of FFForget. Around one-fifth of the survey respondents expressed concerns of losing their photos on leaving these social media platforms.

We cannot really say this app is an entirely new idea. Today Twitter allows you to “archive” your memories whereby you are able to create downloadable files of all your tweets. Even Facebook has a similar feature. However, one shouldn’t forget that users have to manually request for archives.

The app’s paid subscription is for real-time whereby you will be able to close your account immediately without really having to request for manual data back-up.

The premium version of FFForget is likely to offer you a content organizing interface and real- time sync API access to make way for access to an individual’s social network to third party apps of their (the users’) choice so that the social media data can be unlocked and put to some use.

The “freemium” or free version, will, off course have fewer features.

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