Top 5 Software for SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Whenever a user searches for a particular term by entering it into the search tab, a set of results appear before him or her. A trend is being observed that users select those sites which appear at the top, this is due to mainly the preference which is provided by the web upon those sites. This preference is provided by a special web marketing technique which is known as Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

In a different approach, Search Engine Optimization helps websites so that they can get a higher rank in comparison to other websites to attract the attention of the users.


Working on SEO:

The working procedure of SEO is a little bit complicated. It is well known to everyone that the websites cannot be related to human beings, this is why it is difficult to rank these sites. Apart from that, since the existing sites are modifying every day and a lot of new sites are emerging every day, it can be easily understood that Search Engine Optimization is an extremely dynamic process which goes on each and every day.

The basic functioning involves crawling and indexing. This is usually done by a Googlebot in case of Google who crawls and searches for the content and after creating a moderate database, the process of indexing is done.


Top 5 Software for SEO:

SEO related activities or tasks can be done through a software because if done manually, it does not come up with the desired result in a short span of time. Such SEO software is extremely helpful in performing the SEO related tasks. The software needs payment usually but some of them also provide free trials for a certain duration of time.

Top five software for Search Engine Optimization are as follows:


  • SEO Power Suite:

This particular software is extremely efficient in SEO related tasks such as performing keyword research, optimization of content and much more. This software is available in free as well as professional versions.


  • iBusiness Promoter:

This software helps in proper analysis of competitors and it ensures top rankings on Google. This software is efficient in SEO related tasks and provides desired outputs.


  • WebCEO Professional Suite:

WebCEO has reached high levels of output in terms of SEO related work. In a combination of twelve tasks, it ensures that all SEO related work is done with high proficiency.


  • SE Ranking:

This software is especially a multitasking agent in case of SEO related works. Due to this property, this software is considered to have high demand and is considered as a perfect competitor to other SEO related software.


  • Website Rocket:

This is a newbie in this arena but it has shown quite a high efficiency in SEO related tasks. The best thing provided by this is the simple DIY set of instructions provided to the users for an easy access and execution.


All the software are highly recommended by the regular users and they provide desired outputs. They reduce a lot of manual efforts and are comparatively error-free. For these reasons, they are highly in use.

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