SQL Backup Recovery Software to Recover Corrupt BAK File (Review)

SQL Server users generally prefer to create database backup for dealing with adverse situations. The server maintains the backup of both MDF and NDF files in the SQL BAK file. Thus, this SQL backup file can be used to recover complete database items including tables, views, triggers, index etc.

Consider a scenario where, a malware attack has affected the system badly. Since these backup files are stored locally on the system, they also get corrupted and damaged. So, whenever the user attempts to access the backup file, it generates an error indicating that SQL BAK file is inaccessible. This situation creates much haphazard among the users as it seems to be nearly impossible to recover SQL Server database items back to the system.

Neither SQL Server nor Windows provide any solution to recover corrupt BAK file, which leads to the search for an automated solution. A number of tools are available in the industry, which promise to recover data from corrupt BAK file. One such familiar tool is SQL Backup Recovery Software that aims to provide efficient solution to recover any kind of corrupted SQL backup files. Our experts have tested the software to validate its proffered features. This article is aimed to deliver a transparent review of the tool on the basis of results of testing.

Top 5 Features of SQL Backup Recovery Software

We attempted to recover highly corrupted BAK file in the following environment:

Operating System- Windows 8.1

Our complete focus was to test the software in terms of performance, reliability and its efficiency to recover corrupt SQL BAK file. The following features have been extracted while recovering data from damaged SQL BAK file:

1. Repair corrupted/damaged Backup files

The users can repair any kind of corrupted SQL backup file using the software. To customize file repairing, the tool offers two different scan modes:

● Quick Scan- It allows to repair minor damaged backup file
● Advance Scan- It provides repair of highly damaged backup file


2. Batch recovery of SQL files

The SQL backup recovery software offers Multiple Backup File Option to allow repair and restore of multiple backup files. The users can easily recover any number of corrupted backup files simultaneously, thus saving lot of time.


3. Preview Recovered Database

After scanning the backup file(s), the software provides a preview of all the database files i.e., MDF and NDF files. All database items such as tables, triggers, stored procedures, index etc can be easily viewed in the actual formatting.


4. Export selected Database Items

Apart from preview of extracted database, SQL backup recovery software also facilitates to export selected database components and recover corrupt BAK file. Moreover, export is customized into:

● Export to SQL Database- It helps to restore SQL BAK file to new database. You just need to provide database credentials for the required database.
● Export as SQL Compatible Scripts- It exports selected database components into SQL script, which can be imported into any SQL Server.


5. Export Schema Options

The software also keeps in mind the requirement of those users who wish to export only the schema for the selected database items. While exporting data, it offers the following options:

● Export with only schema- It extracts only the schema for database objects
● Export with Schema & Data- It extracts both data and schema for the selected objects


Why to choose SQL Backup Recovery Software

This software can prove to be beneficial for the users who actually wish recover corrupted SQL Server database backup file. In addition to the above mentioned features, certain features are also incorporated in the tool to differentiate it from other software

● Option to auto detect SQL version for the backup file
● Scanning progress display for the corrupted file
● Recover deleted records from the backup file
● Live export summary for ongoing restore process
● Recover any sized SQL backup file

Specifications of the Software

The developers have designed the software to work under the following specifications:

● Operating System: Windows 10 & all below versions(32 and 64 bits)
● RAM Requirement: 512 MB
● Processor Requirement: 1 GHz
● SQL Server: SQL Server 2014 & all below versions

Versions of SQL Backup Recovery Software

Users can avail this software to repair corrupt BAK file in the following two versions:

1. Demo Version

The free version of the software scans and preview the database objects from the selected backup file(s). This free version is meant to let the users experience the software interface and basic features.

2. Licensed Version

The paid version offers to export the recovered data either into database or as SQL Script. Thus, it offers advance export feature.


1. Even the deleted records can be recovered from backup file.
2. It maintains data integrity while restoring, which is the major priority for every SQL user.


1. The software efficiently recovers log files also, but there is no preview of log files on the interface
2. The scanned file cannot be saved on local computer, which necessitates to re scan the file for future requirement.


On the basis of observations and experience, our experts have come to the point that it is quite fruitful to use SQL backup recovery software. One can easily repair damaged sql backup file without any loss or integrity issue. Moreover, the script export feature adds to perk as it improves the widability of software. It can be rated as 9.8/10 as it can efficiently recover corrupt BAK file.


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