Face Reading Apps: You surely wouldn’t want to miss them

The face reading technology is widely used in the field of both academic research and market research. Today, we will be exploring the way in which this particular technology has actually gone on to impact both the aforementioned fields. Read on to find out more.

FaceReader, for instance, is facial analysis software widely used by research institutes, universities and marketers to analyze consumer behavior and psychology for academic as well as market research. This particular technology can actually go on to analyze six fundamental facial expressions including that of neutral expressions as well as the animated ones. This module is employed for advanced research and reporting, based on the gaze direction, characteristics of a person as well as head orientation. By studying the variant effects of stimuli you can actually go on to find out something like how exactly your audience will respond to a commercial’s new design.

Krush: Find out how it is redefining Face Reading Technology

World renowned software developer, Krush, has taken a leading role in redefining the scope of face reading apps. The two new face reading apps introduced by the company- Emotit for President and Heystax employ technology to help read the expression of autistic children who generally battle difficulties to express themselves. The technology has been developed at the MIT Media Lab. Krush had actually gone to license the technology from Affectiva, the original creators and are mulling its application on a broader base.

Emotit for President is a wonderful app which actually offers you a number of political videos and tracks your expressions while you are actually seeing these videos using the camera in your smartphone. When you are done watching the video, the app will inform you how engaged you were throughout the video and compare the same with others. It can also tell you about the exact moment when people were most excited about the video so that you can track that and get on with the best part of the video. So, basically the face reading apps offer limitless opportunities both for consumers and companies. Businesses can make use of the technology to offer a preview of their products to the audience and track audience reaction and then go on to modify their product in accordance.

The face reading apps from Krush are yet to be introduced in the Google play store and iPhone simply because approval is awaited. Way to go! We must say!

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