Torrentz – The End of an era of Irrefutable Popularity

A major portal of the based in Poland has been shut down following the removal of its key functionality. Shutting down of the meta-search site portal of torrent has been caused due to identification of online pirated content. The online message board of the site depicts itself as a powerful, fast-paced and free meta-search engine that showed outcomes after taking numerous other search engines into account. Currently the much popular search box shows users through a pop-up advertisement – “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.”

Shutting the door on millions

It’s been 13 long years that the torrent community has been witnessing a consistent factor in Torrentz ever since its inception in 2003. A torrent site with a majority of visitors, Torrentz has grown with about million visitors each day. Following its decision to shut down, the meta search engine declares an end of its long reign.

The search functionality of Torrentz has been disabled all of a sudden and without issuing any warning for its target audience. The torrent links are missing when you look for the search option, although the home page looks as usual.

The end of its decade long popularity has been marked by the site as it refers to its activity in the past tense.

A website’s struggle for existence

The month of July saw the feds shutting down KickAssTorrents, the Torrentz site considered the biggest in the world and responsible for bringing about the end of Torrentz. Artem Vaulin, an Ukranian citizen and KickassTorrentz proprietor has been held for money laundering and infringement of copyright.

Vaulin has been charged with illegal distribution and reproduction of pirated content with a billion dollars or more. The Pirate Bay Torrent site has been struggling since the founders were arrested in 2014 and their office was raided on multiple occasions.

However has succeeded to remain in business for all this while as no torrent links were hosted by it directly. In the end it became much easier for the legal authorities to locate their operations elsewhere. Soon after the Dept. of homeland Security in US had seized their .com domain, the site succeeded in promoting their .eu domain at the top level. Alongside the UK, a few other countries have blocked this domain.

When it comes to pirating material, torrenting is gradually declining. Most of the streaming sites have acquired the online piracy activity; this has been highlighted by the studies conducted by an antipiracy firm in UK. The legitimacy of bittorrent has already been proven.

Was this development the outcome of any legal action?

No legal action has been proven yet as the website continues to run smoothly amid the absence of its primary functionality. Torrents assured a technology that enables users to utilize a single platform for sharing illegal data files over their personal computers. Illegal content hasn’t been hosted by KAT and other relevant websites. It made downloading of torrents easier for the users, which showed the direction in which the files were residing in their computers.

As long as a file could be copied, multiple peers were allowed to download content simultaneously by using the torrent technology. Sharing of these files isn’t necessarily considered illegal as the torrent network could easily be used by multiple users (over other means) for sharing personal files and documents.

Torrentz used to be a simple website index instead of hosting torrents. All the links to pirated content were removed by it in its attempt to remain compliant with the legal norms. Some facts concerning their hosting activity have been reported by Wired.

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