The Top 5 Upcoming Social Networking Sites in India

As we all are aware of the fact that how much impactful is the role of social media in our lives and how indispensable it is turning out to be? Social media, in general, is the collective of online interacting channels determined to reach a wider masses of people through inputs, communications, content sharing, and collaborations. This phenomenon grabbed people’s mind in just a decade of time and enchanted them as profoundly as no other means, the whole world is vividly and actively connected from one corner to another through a social networking system. And as such India is no exception, keeping it sufficiently and amazingly drowned in this vast technology. It is a fact that Indians are totally into social media but definitely, there are some well-groped and some yet to acquire that position or are soon too with such warm welcoming of them by Indian users.

• Google+

We all know about the phenomenal fame of Google betting all over search engines. The Google+ is Google’s attempt in gripping its feet in the field of social networking. And it must be said that this initiative has been widely accepted, having features much similar to Facebook it doesn’t fail to retain its part of being unique.×534/filters:quality(90)/2015%2F08%2F02%2Fc8%2Fgoogle.fc053.jpg

• LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a standard platform for users who are looking for professional socializing; having predefined profile headline, personal details, summaries, education etc. categories. The platform also provides an awesome search tool to allow you to sort out the persons you are looking for depending on a number of very specific factors. Further, the more connections you have, the closer you will appear to more people that you might want to contact.

• Pinterest

Among other Pinterest can be commented as a new comer in the in the business with a unique and attractive way of sharing one’s content through pin boards those are classified into various categories. The growth of Pinterest has been shockingly phenomenal over a short duration of time and it is expected in coming years to be India’s one of the most used sites.

• Tumblr

If social networking is the dad, blogging is the grandfather. But to our pleasant notice, Tumblr is an effort to short the impact of blogging spicing it with social networking meanwhile resulting in an amazing master dish and not a mere jumbled up piece of confusion. Tumblr lets you efforts at sharing photos, videos, thoughts, micro blogs all with the easiest way possible through desktop, phones etc. contributing to its such a swift uprising.

• WeChat

WeChat is not that frequently heard or known application but recently in China, it is on the trending hit list. “WeChat’s reach and influence are unrivalled in China’s online space,” said research firm China Skinny. “It touches everything from consumers communicating with their nearest and dearest, to sharing their most special moments, to buying everything from cinema tickets to taxi rides.” Generally, it seems so that it’s soon going to attain the same sort of popularity on Indian social media platform too in recent years.


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