Social Media Trolls: Do you even realize you have “failed”?

Even inadequacies are an addiction. Whether you accept it or not, social media trolling is a snag of the highest order. You are actually doing no favor to your digital presence in your bid to vilify innocent “victims”. There is little room for dignity or intellect in “unprovoked” trolling.

The famous fiascos: What trolls should learn

The likes of Shobhaa De and Piers Morgan tried to troll our revered Indian athletes on social media and got trolled instead. While Shobhaa De has been lying low since her infamous tweet about our athletes’ performance at the Olympics, Morgan continues to take on our favorite chucklesome Virendar Sehwag on Twitter. Needless to say, Viru and his fans have their own way of dealing with Morgan’s odious onslaught.

Trolls, however, will continue to be trolls. And, if, all this time you haven’t been answered back – it’s because you are not Shobhaa De or Piers Morgan. You haven’t really put down your victim/s. It’s just that you weren’t even noticed or even if you were— chances are, your attempts were too insipid to be even considered.



Only “Abuse”… eh?

Most of the trolls out there heavily rely on a bevy of wishy-washy abuses – i.e. “Wtf”, “Assholes”, “fuck off” and “retarded”. Let me tell you that even the child in the above picture will not consider your digital offense to be “mean” in the near future. As much as it’s difficult for you to “rise above abuses” let us tell you even trolling calls for some class. If humor is not your forte then your attempts at trolling will fall flat on its face. #Epicfail.


And… we aren’t even talking about karma!!!!

Beware of who you are trolling (of course, unprovoked). If he or she has great vocab and intellect to boot, then make sure you’re as good. Intellect, on or off digital media, is a different breed altogether. Don’t waste your limited talent of only coming up with the choicest of abuses to take him/her down. Trust me, you will not even be noticed. Abuse HAS NO PLACE IN SUBTLE BUT EFFECTIVE HUMOR. So, don’t even try.

Social media trolls have this helpless affinity towards pouncing on others’ opinions or statements or even failures. Opinions – irrespective of how disrespectful they are towards your state, country, favorite athletes, writers or for that matter anyone, should be met with equal disrespect. Talking about ignorance or classy retaliation here – not abuses.

And there’s not even a point in asking you to refrain from passing snide judgments on one’s failure. Remember what happened when people brought Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter in their desperate bid to put the actor down?


Abhishek Bachachan and the numerous other celebs (whom you have trolled) may not have dragged you to court for cyber bullying but do care to educate yourself about the inadvertent connect between cyber bullying and trolling before you’re too eager to pounce on others.

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