From “Ronju da” to the new age “Ashura”: Festive spirit spruced up by these Social Media hits!

The effortless amalgam of Durga Puja and Social Media was always palpable. And, no! With time it hasn’t really restricted itself to Facebook-inspired pandals or the near-ubiquitous Durga Puja tweets or contests. The “connect” seamlessly permeates the way we choose to “venerate” words, actions or deeds or even the Goddess– specifically during this festival.

So, this Durga Puja if Deshapriya Park’s idol with “Haajar Haath” (1000 hands) is “wondrous” for you then be rest assured that it’s “epic” for your teen and so is the crowd or for that matter any other conspicuous blooper his/her friend has ended up committing this festival—- thanks to Social Media. Durga Puja 2016 is well poised to see this connect growing stronger … and well… stranger. Here’s my pick of the leading Social Media hits that will rule this Durga Puja!

“Ronjuda” for Smiles, Ronjuda for wRath!

Thanks to the insanely popular page on Facebook: Bankura Meme, we have our proverbial do-gooder “Ronju Jethu/Uncle” or Ronju da (Brother) on fire. His trusted weapon? His belt! Talk about taking on an actor of questionable caliber trying to impersonate an actor par excellence or consistently showing a bad actor his place for no reason, Ronju da has emerged as the proverbial Messiah (read: spreading laughs and love at the same time) for one and all. He does it with his belt. He wins it with his belt!

This Puja, Ronju da definitely wouldn’t mind unleashing his wrath on the compulsive lech, the unwanted “do-gooder”, the incorrigible body shamer or the neighborhood eve-teaser. Be very aware!


Bengalis immortalized it. Facebook globalized it. Lyaadh is the Bengali for paramount laze. For Bengalis Sundays are quintessential lyaadh days. Post-lunch is the quintessential “lyadh-time” regardless of whether you’re at home or office or mountain biking in Singalila. Lyadh is every Bengali’s birth right!

The footfalls won’t prove it but take it from a Bengali, the Bengalis will never fail to get the lyadh mode on even during the busiest time of the season! This Puja expect a lot of “lyadh” selfies as well.

Rapists be the Ashura!

The creative landscape of the state has changed with changing mindsets. No more is Mahishasura the widely accepted epitome of malevolence. Through Facebook memes, he uninhibitedly welcomes rapists (yes only rapists) to take his place.


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