Presidential Elections 2016: How Tactfully has Donald Trump dealt with social media

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In the run-up to the Presidential elections, Donald Trump has definitely established his undisputed presence on social media. So much so- that he is being touted as the possible “social media President” of the future. The international media has already concluded that Trump has outplayed all his opponents as far as social media promotions are concerned. CNN has very interestingly pointed out that while Roosevelt emerged as the “radio President” and Kennedy as the “television President”, Trump- if at all he emerges the winner- will surely be called the “Social Media” president. Obama is the Internet President” – not to forget.


Trump: Tracking down his presence on Social Media

There is little room for denying that at the heart of Trump’s social media campaign is YouTube. It doesn’t matter whether he is delivering a speech at Atlanta, Georgia or at Elko in Nevada you can actually follow all his promotional exploits live. Yes. The #Live channel of YouTube shows Trump’s rallies right as they happen. These rallies generally take place sometime post midnight (UK time). And guess what? These videos are completely unedited. Viewers have admitted that these videos make for a compelling view solely owing to the fact that they are the “rawest” of feeds that one could get- neither preceded by introductions nor followed by analysis.

Thanks to these videos, people in general, have already started hailing Trump as an efficient crowd handler. In fact, in this regard, he is even being compared to the immensely successful political campaigner Bill Clinton. It has even been claimed that even if Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are known for their rhetoric punctuated with the sacred name “Reagan”, it is Donald Trump who has apparently been successful in dealing with crowds in a way which had actually helped someone like Gipper.

What you need to know about their tweets

Now, coming to the approach adopted by Trump. Talking about the publicized Trump-Hillary rivalry, one can immediately identify the different tones adopted by these campaigners. Read their tweets. Hillary’s, of course, are much polished and respectful compared to that of Trump’s – but at the same time- they are more ornamental. On the other hand, Trump is more relatable. He scoffs. However, his dynamic approach is something which most of the Twitterati understand. He is brash, bossing, unapologetic and reactive. He has been able to catch the pulse of social media – a world which is thrives on immediacy of responses.

The 2016 Presidential election: “Growing” on Social Media

The 2016 Presidential election marks the gradual blurring of offline and online realities. And, it is believed that Trump has been successful in winning over the real world primarily because he has won over the online world. As against Trump’s almost 31,000 tweets, Hillary has a paltry 4000+ tweets. And though it has been consistently maintained that Barrack Obama had used technology in his favor during the 2008 elections, even he has not been as social media savvy as Trump is.


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