One month of Demonetization: Looking at the most “LoLworthy” demonetization memes on Social Media

Polarized views, the plight of common men queuing up outside banks and ATMs, cooperation from bankers pan India, acts of kindness, foul cries and unequivocal support for our government in its symbolic crackdown on black money – when demonetization came calling, India was stirred to action and perhaps to a lot of emotions as well! The past one month (demonetization was declared on 8th November 2016) has been eventful for Indians. We know the “how” and “why” of it. I’m not even getting there. We hailed. We complained. We cooperated. We lost patience. We discussed. We read (and read more – each and every update regarding Government’s diktats on taxes, bank deposits, exchange of notes and so on). We veered. We laughed and we pounced on thoughts and opinions.

What didn’t get lost in the clamor – however- was social media! Yes. The hilarious social media memes (on demonetization) made more noise than our opinions and updates did and continue to evoke a few laughs as effectually as they did when they had just started appearing on our timeline – i.e. 8th November 2016 midnight itself!.

It’s the one month anniversary of demonetization in our country. Let’s take a look at the most hilarious social media memes that kept us ticking during our “difficult” times!

The 2000-rupee note: With “revenge” on its “mind”!

Social Media Memes are incomplete without Bollywood and vice versa. With demonetization added to the combination, the “cheers” got louder and clearer. Here’s our very own Faizal’s (Gangs of Wasseypur 2) vows of revenge redefined!


Delhi CM Trolled!

The government’s demonetization drive drew flak from several quarters. Arvind Kejriwal remains one of the leading voices of dissent in this case. Here’s social media’s humorous take on his stand.

P.S. Sharing this for pure fun- no political affinity or resistance conveyed!



The difference between expectations and reality
Those who think that a potentially effective move has been marred by bad execution will swear by this meme!


Another favorite “common man” speaks!

This one remains one of the most loved Indian films till date. Rekindle your love for your favorite common man with this one!


Epiphany of sorts!

The tables have turned! Your “chillar” is more precious than ever! Here’s proof!


Imagine! Imagine! Imagine!

Just imagine yourself to be a 500-rupee note! This meme sparks serious existential concerns for sure!


And the acknowledgement…

Last but not the least, social media did acknowledge that despite our hardships, black money hoarders are indeed in troubled waters.


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