Live video is the future of social media and is here to stay – Says Mark Zuckerberg

It doesn’t remain a secret anymore that live video has become a vital priority in Facebook and the company has recently tweaked its algorithm in such a manner that live video streaming would come up higher in the news feeds of people. The live broadcasting feature of Facebook, which has been aptly christened as ‘Facebook Live’ is available throughout the world to anyone who has the Facebook app installed in their Android smartphone or iPhone.

Facebook counts more than 900 million regular users who only login through their mobile devices and that’s a lot of people who may now start recording their live videos and posting them on the social network. Facebook has taken the golden opportunity to initiate a suite of new features to the Facebook Live option. Now you can broadcast live videos within a Group Page or Facebook Event and the friends have the ability to give their feedback through live broadcasts.

Live Video is here to stay – Why does the Social Media Giant feel so?

Zuckerberg says he is himself obsessed with live video and he thinks that this feature will stay for a long time until it becomes a craze amongst all. By early 2016, this service had 1.65 billion monthly users and if Facebook was a country, it would certainly be the largest by far. Let’s see what he thinks about the popularity of live videos.

 Video is gaining momentum in the internet

Initially, Facebook was just a text-only platform and then it expanded to photos. Soon after it included Instagram to enhance its visual realm and since then videos became an essential part. Mark thinks that we’re very soon going to be in a world where vast majority of the content which people will go through online will constitute of videos. In 2013, online videos accounted for 70% of web traffic and it is predicted to reach 86% by 2018.

 Using live videos is instinctive and raw

The immediacy of the medium and the rawness of live video make it extremely popular. It gives you the feeling that you’re right within the action and you’re actually in the middle of some event. We reside in a world where public activity is scripted carefully. Live videos are more of a face-to-face communication. When you share a live video with your friends, it feels like you all are hanging out together. The biggest strength of live video is that there’s no way in which it can be curated.

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 Being able to shoot live videos has become so easy

Previously getting started with streaming live videos took a very long time and you had to have a degree in networking to know the technology. You could also have to invest in buying complex equipment. Now all that you need to do is reach out to your pocket, grab the phone and start recording your live video within seconds. You just require 3 taps on your Facebook app to go Live.

 TV is going online and also entering social networks

Conventional video content, like TV is moving online these days and many of the major networks maintain video portals. Users can watch TV content without having a television as everything is possible online. There are many broadcasters who stream live on various platforms and these include apps, smart TVs, social networking sites and so on.
Therefore, you can well understand how videos will account for social media popularity in the near future and the long run. Get your app installed now and start streaming live videos.

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