Game of Thrones: What you need to learn about digital marketing from them

It’s not in the least surprising how Game of Thrones has utilized social media in its favor. No we are not saying that its unprecedented success is partly attributable to the social media buzz created by it. However, we are definitely saying that the show has gone on to set benchmark of social media experimentation. The show boasts of 6 million views per episode – the largest only after Sopranos- but Sopranos never enjoyed the kind of social media buzz that Game of Thrones does today. GoT, it has already been established, has been consistently using social media to tease its fandom during those “excruciating” off seasons. Let us find out more about how GoT has gone on to master social media marketing and what we can learn from them.

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Talking about social media buzz, let us tell you that the show has only recently registered more chatters than that of the Apple Watch. At the heart of its recent digital marketing efforts was a promotional event (held quite in the lines of Snapchat), wherein, the brand set out to tease its fandom.

Game of Thrones: Their Social Highpoint

The creators of the show went on to conduct a panel (before the 5th season got aired) consisting of none but the show’s social media team – featuring the largest ballroom of the four seasons with a line snaking around the block like a Red Viper. HBO had hired Elastic to spearhead their online exploits during the off season. Melissa Eccles, the creative director of the company has been largely responsible for the success of the aforementioned panel. In fact, she went on to outdo Jim Marsh- HBO’s own social media director. Most of the panel was about the five second visions of season 5. They were quite vocal about the fact that they were out there to “manipulate” the GoT fans. The teaser literally had people go berserk. The very fact that they couldn’t watch anything beyond that 10 second video had actually got them pissed. Tweets and the 10-second video teasers directed them to sign up for which only served them with a jumble of video shots. The videos were also sent via messages and vanished like SnapChat. Here is what the December 2014 read:

“You didn’t dream it. Visions are fleeting, #TheSight:”
The point is Game of Thrones has showed us how to keep fans engaged even during the off seasons. Needless to say- the year 2016 has witnessed burgeoning fan engagement via social media. The digital conversations have kept us hooked. There is no room to take fandom for granted. You got to be there even when you’re not there!!


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