What Facebook plans to do with the wobbly 360 degree videos

Facebook is all set to take your VR experience several notches higher by introducing highly refined 360-degree video technology. The social networking giant has always been noticeably upbeat about 360 degree videos besides the regular videos. In its bid to bring 360 degree videos to you, Facebook has already added data center as well as video processing functionalities.

What are these technologies going to do for you?

The addition of these technologies is definitely set to bolster the quality of the 360 degree videos viewed by you. And what exactly are these improvements we’re talking about? The first and foremost technological snag to be done away with is the annoying delay that the present 360 degree videos are associated with. Johannes Kopf, one of the leading research scientists in the social networking site’s computational photography team, has also opined that the current crop of videos being shot now is rarely watchable because they are super jerky.

Facebook and 360 degree videos

Facebook is clearly looking forward to letting us watch and create videos as a means to keep us more engaged. Kopf has gone on to explain that Facebook has already set up its new algorithm to improve amateur videos by eliminating the kind of unsteadiness that is typically associated with “untrained” use. If you are untrained and have been experiencing initial jerkiness with 360 degree videos then you can definitely expect better experience with this particular algorithm.

It will not sell the software

The technology will enable you to slice your videos in chunks or key frames. A particular image tracking technology is utilized to point out specific objects in the video that have been filmed over a period of time. There are several companies working on the bumpy 360 degree videos but there is definitely room for improvement in technology. The social networking giant, however, is not really looking forward to sell its video-processing system to consumers but only to bolster their experience while uploading videos.


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