Facebook hacks that will instantly change your life once you get to know them

The perennial and everlasting popularity of Facebook makes it one of the first sites that people of all ages check every day, numerous times a day. But as Facebook keeps evolving, simple tasks have gradually become pretty difficult to handle. Even the biggest social media addicts get perplexed with all the settings options which appear on Facebook. You comment on one of your friend’s engagement picture and then start receiving 9 million notifications on the same until their wedding – what should you do about it? Then you accidentally sign into Facebook messenger and someone from elementary school buzzes you to check out if you’re free for a coffee date – is there anything that you can do to stop it?

Well, yes, there are definitely some Facebook hacks which you never knew so as to make the most out of your Facebooking experience. Wouldn’t you want to enhance your daily Facebook experience and make it as good as possible? Check out some of these under-the-radar tricks to employ.

 Is there a way of getting rid of all those unwanted birthday notifications?

You may have 2000 friends on your friend list and everyday your phone must be blowing up with birthday notifications. You must have been tired to clicking on them and wishing each of them on their birthday and you must be desperately looking for some viable way to stop this. Click on the globe which shows your notification in the top blue bar of Facebook and then click ‘Settings’ in the corner of the drop-down menu. Reach to ‘Birthdays’ and turn the switch ‘off’ which was turned ‘on’. To remember a few of your special friend’s birthdays, add their birth dates along with their phone contact.

 Can you review posts before you’re tagged by someone unwanted?

You must have been repenting about those pictures which shouldn’t have been taken last night and by the time it’s morning you see them flashing on your timeline just because someone uploaded the picture and tagged you! What to do about these unflattering pictures? By going to ‘Settings’, it is possible to change the way in which your tags and timeline are managed. In the sidebar, you will see the ‘Timeline and Tagging’ section; there you can go to ‘Who can add things to my timeline?’ to find out the options where you can review the posts in which your friends tag you before they appear on your timeline. Change it to ‘enabled’ and bid goodbye to silly pictures!

 Can I cut someone from my News Feed without ‘unfriending’ that person?

Just because you want to maintain a friend list of 2000 friends, it doesn’t mean that you actually wish to see all their posts appear on your News Feed. This is why there is an option called ‘Following’ and ‘Unfollowing’. Find out the ‘Following’ button on the cover photo of your friend and place your cursor to reveal a drop down menu. Quickly click on ‘Unfollow’ to make sure that the person’s posts and pictures don’t come to your Newsfeed.

 Is it possible to remotely log off Facebook if you incidentally left it logged in?

It may happen that you log in to Facebook from a public computer or from a friend’s smart device and you simply forget to log off. Thankfully, due to the Security Settings, you will get to know where you’re logged in from, when you logged in last and also offers you the option to ‘End Activity’ so as to prevent any kind of hacking. You will find ‘Security Settings’ within the normal Settings and then click on ‘Where you’re logged in’ to immediately end activity.

Facebook has unanimously become the latest addiction of the wired-in generation. Even though Facebook has dramatically changed its layout, it didn’t matter. The people who first denied the changes subsequently came back flocking on the social media yet again. Literally, it has become the new opium of people. Nevertheless, take into account the above mentioned social media hacks to make the most out of your Facebook experience.

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