Cyber Bullying: The growing menace which needs to be tackled strictly

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These days, one of the biggest problems that one can face is cyber bullying and this is applicable for all. Right from the biggest stars and celebrities to the most nondescript of people, everyone has at some time or the other in their lives faced this form of abuse. The ones most affected by this form of bullying on the internet are young children and in a way it affects their children as well. According to police officials this menace has only grown in the last few years- what with the rampant access that people from all walks of life have to internet by way of smartphones.

Nature of cyber bullying

The biggest problem with cyber bullying is that it can happen at any time and at any place. People who are on the receiving end never know when it came and why it came. Apart from ugly interactions on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it can happen by way of emails and text messages as well. Police officials and other authority figures feel that just like any other form of offence cyber bullying is a serious issue as well and the recipients of the same should treat it with all seriousness and not ignore it or keep taking it lying down.

How does it happen?

Cyber bullying happens when intelligent telecommunication facilities such as the following are used by children with the intention of bullying or abusing others in his or her age group:

• internet
• e-mails
• text messages
• instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp
• social media forums such as Facebook
• various digital platforms

The biggest problem is that these days almost every child has some or the other kind of access to internet and in order to make someone else small or bad about him or herself he or she need not disclose her actual identity.

Ways of cyber bullying

Apart from basic insults, there are ways in which a kid can bully other kid/s on the internet. It can be some form of threat or intimidation. Apart from the methods that have already been mentioned above this can also include methods such as sharing photographs that should not be in the public domain or making comments with a precisely-negative purpose. However, cyber bullying is not limited to these methods or avenues only. Online trolling and harassment of adults by adults are also important parts of this jigsaw puzzle these days.

Is there any way of protection?

At present, there are no specific definitions or laws pertaining to cyber bullying. However, it is regarded as an offence nonetheless and in some cases the offender might even land up in jail for a few months. According to laws in countries that are members of British Commonwealth any communication using electronic media done with the intention of harassing, offending, or menacing people is a punishment worthy of incarceration. In fact, in some cases stalking can come under the purview of cyber bullying as well.


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