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  1. What made you to start a blog on technology niche and not anything else? Any inspirational story you would like to share?

I created DreamTechie because I wanted to write about Blogging, SEO, SMO and Tech tools those I use and then later on I realized I should expand it and I added other categories like Content, Gadgets, Apps, Computer Tips & Tricks and more.  There is no inspirational story behind it but yes I started DreamTechie because I wanted to write about my knowledge & resources so that other people can get benefitted. In short I started tech blog because of my profession.

And I am happy to share that after one year of successful tech blogging, I started and LetUsPublish is more a lifestyle and entertainment magazine and now both blogs are doing great on web.


  1. What do you think is the key thing about technical/ social media blogging?

I feel for technical or social media blogging one should be very quick & well updated with the current trends because every another day we have a new technology and if you are blogging about tech then you have to be very quick for sharing latest trends on your blog to attract the huge numbers of readers.

  1. Some tips you would like to recommend to professionals interested in blogging so they can continue with it along with work just like you?

The only suggestion that I have for professionals is –

Start your blog by keeping your interest in mind.

The most successful bloggers started blogging as hobby and now they are expert.

One should only start the blog on topic he/she is really sure about otherwise with the passage of time yo10452341_818499838160377_3321154091914478092_nu will lose your interest in blogging.

  1. In the next 5 years what are your plans on your blog! What more can we expect?

This one is very interesting question to answer. I am into multi niche blogging & vlogging and that thing actually makes me feel really good. In coming years I will be the one of the most known web media brands.

From blogs to social I will be surrounded by lakhs of readers and followers. My blog and social updates are going to educate and entertain thousands of followers.

I will be having my team and an office setup and at that time you will call me an entrepreneur.

And last I will be paying a huge income tax to government J

  1. Any promotional technique you would like to share which would help other bloggers to follow your footprint?

For any blogger, networking is really important. Networking is the best way to promote oneself. And with right networking you will also earn Word-of-mouth advertising for yourself.

Follow experts of your niche and analyze how he is empowering himself. You will get the best promotional tips for you.

  1. What do you think is the USP of your blog? What makes it different than the rest of them.

For both of my blogs, USP is to be best in the original form and for that we don’t need to compete with others. With the passage of time I just want to make my blogs more entertaining and informative for the readers. I am not in hurry to earn money and stardom but I would prefer to be silent yet smarter at work.

While selecting a topic what is your prime selection criteria?

I always try to come up with topics those are helpful for the readers. Helpful blog posts act as evergreen content for the blogs.

Also I like to write about the trends, to keep myself updated with the latest trends I follow Twitter and Facebook trends.

  1. In real life how Tech savvy are you when it comes to gadgets?

I am the one who love to click pictures and for that I want to experience best mobile cameras.  I love to try out different gadgets but still my personal gadgets are limited. I don’t like to change gadgets very frequently. These days I have Dell laptop, Asus & Xiomi Smartphone, Avantree headphone and Xiomi power bank.

Because of the review purpose I receive many gadgets. I experienced most of Asus, Intex, and couple of Samsung, Acer and Motorola.

  1. Some years from now if you plan to start another blog, what will it be on?( Technology/ Health/ Food/ Fashion etc)

Well As of now I am not willing to start any other blog because I already did. LetUsPublish is another blog of mine and doing very well. Now I just want to expand it more.

BTW LetUsPublish is a lifestyle cum entertainment webmagazine where you can read more about Technology/ Health/ Food/ Fashion/Travel and more.

  1. Your success story behind being a successful web marketer? Some what to follow, how to tips!

I am successful in my work as a blogger and marketer because I love my work and I am very comfortable with this. No one forced me to choose this profession.  I am always very keen to explore more of Blogging and Digital Marketing.

Hope you all are getting my point. For more you can go back and check my answer for question number 3.

Thanks Jonny  for introducing me with your readers.

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