AI Technologies Will Dominate the World of Commerce in 2018

You must have witnessed a booming market for AI (Artificial Intelligence) till 2018. Several aspects of our lives have already been influenced by the changes brought forward by AI. None of the industry leaders wish to fall behind their competitors and so, a majority of them are investing in AI just to improve the future prospects of their respective businesses.

Check out a list of AI technologies that will rule the year 2018:

E-Learning Platforms

Computers are an integral part of all corporate activities and you can’t deny their power of intelligence. Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science have contributed much towards the development of E-learning. The primary objective of AI is to workout technologies that run computers. The traction that these newly invented E-learning platforms are gaining every day is the outcomes of big data, APIs, training and development tools, and advanced algorithms. These platforms are in fact playing a crucial role in classifying and predicting the true nature of activities that are shaping the future of digital businesses online.

Virtual Agents

Virtual agents don’t have much difference from that of computer programs and agents that can interact with human beings. Chat-bots are a great instance of such advanced technologies. Besides being smart managers, these virtual agents are good at extending support services to customers.

Decision Management

Intelligence machines assist in launching laws and developing logic for running AI systems. They may even be utilized for tuning and maintenance besides training or performing the initial set up. A number of corporate applications are known to incorporate decision management for facilitating automated corporate management. Your business is now equipped to take even the toughest of investment decisions and ensure more profitability by incorporating the intelligent robot.

AI-Backed Hardware

You don’t really have any alternative option for this at hand. AI technologies have made it possible for you to enjoy more user-friendly hardware.  Does that mean anything special for you? AI-based tasks can be executed more smoothly when you start utilizing devices and central processing units that are structured and designed for processing such tasks. What you achieve in the end are some of the rarest of graphic images and representation in world-class quality.


Apart from human behavior and form, the physical aspects of our bodies can be analyzed, measured, and identified by this form of technology. It provides for a more simplified and smoothened interaction between the system and us humans. This is about interactions pertaining to recognition of the body language, speech, image, and touch. A technology of this type is mostly utilized for researching the market trends.

Machine Learning

Machine learning serves you at its best when you’re attempting some form of deep learning. Certain layers of abstraction are combined with artificially linked neural circuits to provide for effective machine learning. When it comes to decision-making, this machine learning technology helps in developing patterns, processing data, and imitating the human brain. There are some applications and patterns that match up to data sets worth large scales. Machine learning helps in identifying such patterns and classifying such applications.

Automated Robotic Processes

Automation of robotic processes is very much possible due to the presence of advanced methods and scripts. The methods and scripts help in automating certain corporate tasks that are performed by human beings. This is a great means of supporting the corporate work culture as more of such automation processes get used in situations wherein it’s not feasible to hire professionals. When it comes to reinstating raw human talent and complementing manual abilities, the efforts put up by humans can be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Language Processors & Text Analytics

Sentence structures can be easily comprehended by your system when you use text analytics. Certain machine learning procedures and statistical methods make it easier for your system to follow the intention and meaning of these sentences. Such language processors and text analytics are mostly utilized for the purposes of detecting frauds and checking security flaws. Achieving data that hasn’t been structured properly is also one of the key utilities of text analytics that are mostly used by automated apps. The impact of this analytics and processors on global business operations are clearly undeniable.

For entrepreneurs that wish to stay ahead of their time, it’s truly important to plan things ahead of their competitors.

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