8 WhatsApp hacks you need to know right now

Just 7 years and more than 1 billion users… and still counting! Innumerable chats and media file shares everyday, every minute. That’s the effect of the most popular messenger app WhatsApp and yes, we could not imagine a day without it. But there are certain attributes we probably aren’t aware of this app. Let’s find out what those are:

  1. Change fonts: You’ve been receiving a lot of forwarded messages with strange fonts but are clueless about doing it yourself? Try these secret tricks to voice your opinion in a funky way.

Bold text: Type *text*

Italic text: Type _text_

Strike through: Type ~text~

FixedSys font: Type “`text“`


  1. Bookmark important messages to find it later: There is a lot of important information in our chat history we wished we would have saved somewhere to get it instantly in the need of the hour. It can be an address, phone number, bank details etc. You don’t have to take the pain of scrolling and searching for those messages anymore. All you have to is follow these simple steps:

Press the message you need to bookmark->Click on the star sign shown upwards…To see it later click on the three dots above->click on ‘Starred messages’. P.S: Don’t forget to mark them in the first place.

Untitled-4 Untitled-3

  1. Save your mobile data: If you do not have access to Wi-fi all the time, then resorting to mobile data connectivity is the only option you’re left with. It can be quite annoying sometimes when you end up receiving some pictures or videos which you don’t want to view but it gets downloaded anyway. WhatsApp has provided an option to do away with this fussy affair as well.

Go to settings->click on ‘Data usage’->Select auto-download options accordingly and of course, don’t forget to tick mark on ‘Low data usage’


  1. Recover deleted messages: You can see your deleted messages once again by following a couple of options. These two tricks can help you retrieve all those messages from the trash in no time.

Store your messages as backup: Settings->Chat backup->click on ‘Back up button’ and it will be saved on your Google drive.


Connect mobile with PC/laptop via USB cord->Open the folder “WhatsApp/Database”->Click on msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt file and view the sent and received messages for the last 7 days on wordpad or any such similar file.

  1. Share your location: Help your friend understand your current location better or vice versa by utilizing this hack which is rarely used. Click on the attachment icon and select ‘Location’, enable GPS and share it by sending the location as shown on Google map.


  1. Disable blue ticks: If you wish to let people know that you are royally ignoring them, then you may not need to know this hack. But there a few who are more courteous and do not wish to ruin relationships just for the heck of some blue ticks. Disable your last seen and blue ticks by selecting ‘Nobody’ for Last seen and unselect “Read Receipts” respectively. You can go to this page by selecting Settings->Account->Privacy.
  2. New background options: This is one of the newest features of whatsApp and solid colour lovers are going to love this. Select any chat conversation->Click on “wallpaper”->Select “Solid Color” and choose your favourite pick.


  1. Send a message to many at once: Send a message to a selected few by following these steps. Go to New broadcast ->Create one or more broadcast list and forward messages to your favourites anytime you want.

That’s it for now. Watch this space for more updates and funky features of our everyday apps and play on.


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