Zoook Rocker M2: A Step Towards Portability Achievement Within Budget

Product Description

The Rocker family of the Zoook(A company, well known for budget speakers) is a series of absolutely portable speakers which can make you go wow with its chic performance. It can be carried along with you to any place and set your mood in the rock-n-roll genre like never before. Rocker Mean Machine is one of the most versatile products that Zook has ever made – Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor parties with deep thumping bass, like you’ve never heard before.

While reputed companies charge sky high prices for mediocre sounding devices, Zoook rocker is the best option to stick to for the best expense.

At lower as well as higher sound levels, zoook rocker M2 produces good music and quality bass. The main attracting feature of this speaker is the 5-in-1 music playing options.


  • Built-in huge 3000 maH Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 5 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker (BT+ SD card + USB + FM + Aux)
  • On Board Controls: Micro USB DC 5V / USB port / 3.5Aux port / SD card slot / On/Off switch / Mode button / Previous track/Next track / Play/Pause / Volume slider
  • Audio Wattage: 10 watts
  • Masculine looks, free Micro sd to SD adapter, free Shoulder strap
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The expectation from the product- A deeper look into the specs

Wireless streaming via Bluetooth

With advancement of modern technology, we use Bluetooth in streaming music from our portable audio device (phone, tablet, laptop, ipod and so on) absolutely wireless and play it using the speaker of our choice. Zook Rocker M2 lets us enjoy this successful brainchild of modernization.

Zoook Rocker M2

Extremely light-weight and portable speaker

The speaker is extremely light weight, weighing approximately to a figure of 2.9 pounds. It has got an additional (absolutely free of cost) comfortable shoulder strap, by using which we can easily hang it on our shoulder and carry it along with us to the place of our interest- be it an indoor mass gathering, a romantic date or a chic outdoor party requiring cool music.

Controls- On the go!

Music has a very special power on our mood swings and we all are acquainted with this fact. In the same way, Zook Rocker M2 also lets us control the Music system, the way our mind wants.

Yes! It has got On-the-board controls which can set the music of our #want, before some other thoughts distract our attraction for the music of our choice.

Additional features

  • It runs on a battery, hence no immovable power source is required during its play time, of course till the battery of 3000mAh exhausts providing 6 hours of high volume continuous music play.
  • It has got 5 versatile ways of playing music –Bluetooth + SD card + USB + FM + Aux

Sales and reviews

After having a look at all the pros and cons of the product, all we can conclude is that, within the 2K range, providing so many features is a big deal.

The only cons of the product:

  1. As the battery is of high capacity, it requires longer time to get recharged.
  2. The speaker is not fully water resistant

If we overlook these two minor setbacks, then the product is much appreciable and is highly recommended.

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