Hello Robos!

Unfolding the fact that our technology sector has evolved to a definite height, a must mention phenomena is the sphere of robotics. Taking into account the scenario of India we can say that a steady and fast growth is witnessed by us. The impact of robotics in India is making a gradual emergence. Despite UK, USA, Japan is making us gape at them for such a fine prowess, but India too has geared up.

However, there are some certain issues which are not pillaring India to be fully automatic.

  • A very high cost of production: Okay, now let us get straight to the point; India has always been a developing country in comparison to the developed countries like UK, USA. Here, workers, employers, employees believe in solely hand work or manual labour. According to many renowned engineers, robotics is a multi-disciplinary field, where acquiring and retaining quality talent is a big issue. The cost of procuring imported hardware components and as well as training personnel is quite high.


  • Only students pursuing engineering from the IITs or similar renowned top schools are able to learn in a versatile manner. Otherwise, maximum students pursuing from ordinary institutes lack the knowledge required in four to five disciplines of engineering to become an expert in this multidisciplinary field.

  • Barring few places like Institute of Advanced Robotics in Dehradun, Indian Institute of Robotics in Noida, school of Mechatronics and Robotics in West Bengal, NeoRobos Robotics and Embedded Education Institution in Faridabad, Robotics Club in New Delhi, Novatech Robo in Bengaluru, Novogenius Acamdemy in Haryana and few more, seldom are robotics engineering taught in engineering colleges.

  • The reliance on the abroad companies of China, UK, USA, and Europe for procuring imported hardware and goods is a major balk for the Indian companies. In India due to the inferiority of hardware companies producing the needy things for robotics, Indians have to depend on the foreigners.

Despite all these cons India always comes up with steady growth and development and the same has happened in the field of robotics. It is not possible anymore to continue without automation and that is what adding to the development of robotics. Numerous automobile giants have given way to robotic automation. Tata Motors uses industrial robotics and automation for their production. A report tells that the production force came down by 20% in Tata Motors with an increase in their turnover by 250%. Even in a single plant in Pune, Tata is said to have installed 100 robots.

India is enhancing its robotic usages and thereby it has an upcoming potential market with a worldwide market share of approximately 15%. Start-ups like Asimov Robotics, Difacto Robotics and Automation, Gridbots, Robots Alive, Systemantics, Team Indus, Grey orange, Sastra Robotics, Milagrow, Navstik, I2U2Robot, Mukunda Foods, Gade Autonomous Systems, Robosapiens, Omnipresent Robot Tech are some eminent ones who are very much heightening the world of robotics in India. Thereby, it can be told that though slow but steady growth is approaching.


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