Why should you buy the Xiaomi Smartphone?

With increased competition in the field of Smartphone’s, where almost every seller is trying to gain the patronage of customers it is indeed very difficult to decide on a Smartphone.  You will notice almost all the smartphones are offering the same features nowadays. The only thing that differs is the price and quality. With Giants like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, HTC and many other already grabbing the phone market, the question arises why one should buy Smartphone’s manufactured by Xiaomi? The simple answer to this question is the best quality products being offered by Xiaomi at a comparatively low price.  Many people are of the opinion that China products cannot be looked from a long term perspective but this Chinese brand proved them wrong. It is offering Smartphones at a lesser value keeping the quality of its phone to be top notch as they don’t incur many expenses on their advertisement and sell directly to consumers.

What features does it offer?

Normally, before purchasing any Smartphone people usually look after few points such as the processor, Camera quality, warranty, mAh capacity and other relevant factors. Well, Xiaomi looks after all these points. There are many reasons why one should choose Smartphones from Xiaomi.

Premium quality processor and build quality: When we see that smartphones are being offered at a lower value then the only that comes’ in our mind is that surely they must have compromised with the processor and build in quality. But it is not the case with Xiaomi. Xiaomi’s Smartphone runs on Snapdragon processors, which are by far the best smartphone processors and also the material used for the inner and outer build is of supreme quality.

Camera quality: As today almost everyone has become a selfie freak, they always want to buy a Smartphone that has the best camera quality in terms of both rear and front camera. Xiaomi offers spectacular picture quality in all its Smartphones and few of its models also offers optical image stabilizer which is usually found in expensive Smartphones like iPhone 5 or 6S.

MIUI: It is the custom version of Android and offers various advantages like High customizable ROM, is fast and secure and is updated timely. MIUI has gained quite a number of fans owing to its amazing features.

Reliability: Just because Xiaomi has a Chinese product label attached to it, it doesn’t mean that one cannot rely on its quality. Despite having a lower price, Xiaomi Smartphone’s offers both high quality and high reliability. This is the reason why it has become the most demanded products in recent times, giving tough competition to Samsung and Apple.

No Bloatware: Unlike other Smartphone’s which have some pre-installed applications which cannot be uninstalled, Xiaomi has only a few selected applications pre-installed in its devices like the music app or notepad which are of use to individuals. Xiaomi doesn’t fill up its phone with many irrelevant apps. They take up much of your Smartphone’s space and as a result, one cannot install more applications as by doing so the phone will start to hang every now and then.


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