Smartphones 2016: A Small Preview

Like its immediate predecessors, 2016 has some great news for smartphone addicts- simply because there are some stellar launches lined up this year. Let us take a look at the “smartest of smartphones” to be introduced this year. What expectations do tech gurus have from these phones? Are they worth an investment? Do they have what it takes to justify the price brackets? Can they better their predecessors? Let us find out.

Smartphones to be launched in 2016: We are ready for you!

As you wait for the next line up of smartphones to be launched in the year 2016, we are ready with our list. There might as well be more than ten to fifteen launches. However, we have picked the top 3 to 4 smartphones to debut in 2016. So read on!iphone-8-concept-2

Apple iPhone 7

Quite expectedly, this one has it to make it at the top of our list. And they’re saying that the flagship is going to launch iPhone 7 Plus as well—but before that let us find out what Apple iPhone 7 has in store for us. Set to hit the market in September, 2016, Apple iPhone 7 has already got the tech space go berserk. The expected features backing this particular device, in all probability, have been listed below:

  • Major design changes
  • A10 processor
  • Faster than its predecessor
  • D-jack headphone jack
  • Might get bigger (rumored)
  • Touch ID display (expected)
  • Waterproof protection
  • eSIM

Google Nexus 6

Once again, tech experts suggest that it is too early to speculate the launch of Google Nexus 6. However, if Huawei does introduce the phone, it is most likely to have features such as those mentioned below:Google-Nexus-6-by-Motorolla

  • Snapdragon 820chip (Tipped to be more energy efficient than its predecessors supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0)
  • Android N
  • Combination of Android and USB-C

The probable release date is October 2016. As already mentioned above, it’s a tad premature to speculate the introduction of Nexus 6 now. However, we just couldn’t risk keeping such a flagship out of our list. It doesn’t matter whether it is launched this year, it is most likely to be backed by the aforementioned features if and when launched.

LG  G5

The biggest rumor doing the rounds is that LG is planning to introduce iris scanner to the phone and that it has already started working with Irience for the same. It is also predicted that the phone will have a battery with larger capacity (likely up to 4000Ah). Plus, it might also have the ability to charge the battery wirelessly.

Be a smart buyer

What exactly is your pick for this year? As an unadulterated tech buff you might as well be too eager to find out about the smartphones that are going to take 2016 by storm. Make sure you are reading detailed reviews before buying your favorite phone. Flagship, price, features or convenience—what’s gonna be your pick? Do consider this small preview before taking your pick as well!

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