Here’s how Samsung has “beaten” Apple

Much to the joy of Samsung loyalists, as per latest reports, the flagship store continues to rule the smartphone scenario despite the Galaxy Note 7 recall fiasco. The latest industry reports suggest that the South Korean firm continues its dominant run in the market.

Beating iPhone 7

Yes, even ahead of the much hyped launch of iPhone 7, Samsung has successfully tripped Apple to emerge as the numero uno company, when it comes to producing the largest number of phones in the world. It goes on to prove that the negative sentiments revolving the brand (after several reports of explosion of Note 7 and its eventual recall) couldn’t really dent Samsung’s popularity.

International Data Corporation

A research firm called International Data Corporation gave Samsung a 20% share of the global smartphone market in the third quarter of the year 2016. The associate director of this particular firm, Melissa Chau, went on to say that Samsung’s supremacy in the market remained undisputed in the third quarter. As against Samsung’s 20% market share, Apple struggled with a paltry 12% of the share. It has been maintained that Samsung’s success has been estimated only in the short term. The long term impact remains to be seen.

More than 300 million smartphones had been shipped during these three months. The figures showed a 2% improvement from the same period during the previous year. However, the birth of a bevy of upstart companies has eaten away from the profits of the bigger companies. Notably, Huawei claimed a 9.3% share and came in third ahead of Vivo and Oppo.

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