Refurbished iPhones can help you make a fortune – Check out your favorite options

You may not have expected your iPhone to come for a cheaper price in the recent past. But have you ever considered it to reach you at a discounted rate? Apple has started selling refurbished iPhones to buyers of late. Apple had already done this before, but it’s been quite some time that you last heard of it. You may now be wondering about the type of phones that are on offer besides the amount that you possibly need to shed out of pocket.

The online refurbished store has recently been updated by Apple. It gives all i-Phone aspirants an opportunity to get a certified refurbished handset. This time, you’ll certainly need to spend a lower amount for acquiring your long cherished handset.

The Apple refurbished stores had long been offering Macs and iPads, but they never offered customers an opportunity to buy refurbished i-Phones. For all these years, you would either wait for any third-party retailer to come up with an offer or run your eyes through third-party deals. Now you have the best option to check out your favorite handsets.

Way back in 2007, you’d come across inexpensive offers at third-party refurbished deals websites. The 4 GB phone wasn’t continued for long. However, this practice didn’t continue for long. It ceased to exist once the 3G handsets were launched in the smart-phone market.

Wondering about what kind of refurbished models maycome your way?

You’ll need to spend an amount worth $449.00 for buying the iPhone 6S, which has storage worth 16 GB. You’ll get storage options of 64 GB and 16 GB with the larger handset of iPhone 6s Plus, which cost $589 and $529 respectively. Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray and Silver are your options to pick.

By opting for this refurbished route, you may end up saving up to 15%. For all shoppers that seem to be a bit budget-conscious, the refurbished units yield a great buying option as they appear with a full i-year warranty.

There are a few advantages of buying a refurbished Apple phone:

Every refurbished unit gets thoroughly checked by the Quality Department.

All refurbished models come with new batteries and outer shells, so that they acquire the look and feel of a new device.

It ensures more peace of mind when you get a handset that has been checked and certified by the manufacturer than buying a repaired device from a third party. You won’t think much about spending a little more.

Why is Apple even trying this out?

A lot of speculation has been going on around why the smart-phone giant is selling refurbished handsets of late. Of course, this is their best bet to clear off their inventory. Once you fail to live up to your dream of carrying the iPhone 7, you might be checking out other expensive options like the Google Pixel. Apple seems to be moving in the right direction as this ploy fetches overwhelming response from the audience. If you can manage without buying the latest model and wish to save some cash, then you must explore this opportunity till the stock lasts.

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