Nokia E1 comes with an Android Operating System – A sneak peek into its specifications

Recent reports reveal that Nokia will soon be launching its brand new and most-awaited android smartphone but it is not going to do this until its deal with Microsoft gets completed by the end of 2016. So, all Nokia and Android lovers can expect this new Nokia E1 to be launched within the first quarter of 2017. Nokia would thus enter the market with a big bang after launching the android phones at a reasonable rate. With the type of quality smartphones which Nokia manufacture presently, this model will definitely be a flagship phone. In order to regain its lost customers, Nokia is launching this high-specification budget smartphone.

There are many different rumors and news which have been collected from various sources on the World Wide Web about Nokia E1. Here are some that you may consider taking into account.

 Nokia E1 doesn’t have a removable battery which makes the phone look good in a single body but that may make it costly.
 Nokia E1 even doesn’t have an SD card slot which can be irritating for most users, particularly when the phone comes with a 32 GB variant.
 The price that you will pay for Nokia E1 is around $500 or may be even more which means it has to face a high competition level as compared to other brands.

Specifications of the Nokia E1

Now you must be eager to know about the specifications of the new Nokia E1. The foremost thing to mention is that Nokia E1 is run by Android Marshmallow and it comes with a 2.3 GHz quad core processor which will also be accompanied by 2GB RAM and 32 GB inbuilt storage space. The smartphone is also predicted to have a 4.95 inch 1920*1080 px Full HD dispay which is combined with gorilla glass and this feature is pretty similar with other smartphones.

Nokia E1- The battery

The size of the battery is one of those which are questioned once they’re done with the launch of the phone. It is expected that this phone will have a 2700 mAh Li-Ion battery and experts say that this might not be enough. The phone doesn’t even support Qualcomm quick charging which the other smartphones do. Make sure you check the battery support of the new E1 before investing your dollars.

Nokia E1 Price

Nokia E1 price is predicted to be around $500 in the International Market and in India it is going to be around 27,000 INR. Although this is an approximate amount, Nokia will definitely come up with the official news. If the phone actually launches with all the specifications mentioned above, it is definitely going to attract too many gadget lovers and it will soon give a tough competition to the manufacturers of Android smartphone. Check out a few important features of the

Nokia E1

OS: Android Marshmallow
Resolution: 1920*1080 px
Battery size: 2700 mAh Li-Ion
Front camera: 5 MP
Rear camera: 20 MP
Display: 4.95 inches
Processor: 2.3 GHz Quad Core
Price: 27,000 INR or $500

So, if you’re a complete gadget freak who is eagerly waiting for the next Nokia flagship phone, you can certainly wait for the E1 to reap the benefits of the above mentioned features and services.


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