Everything that you don’t know but should expect from iPhone 8!

iPhone 8 is expected to be surprisingly backed by a frill-free promotional approach and some real updates that will turn out to be beneficial for users. Today, we will document a few changes that are expected to be introduced to iPhone 8 since experts are already looking forward to some real changes in technology and design. So, let us explore in the course of this post.


The most prudent techies out there must have got a glimpse of the possible design change in the virtual home screen of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as well. However, the virtual home button is not the only change which is going to take place. Here is a glimpse of other changes as well.

Now, it is expected that the nature of the home button will change with Apple’s “curved” ambitions. The introduction of curved glass both on the back and front glasses will, in all likelihood, change the look and feel of the home button. If there is an edge-to-edge OLED display in fray then an entirely virtual home button will replace the existing circular depression.

The TouchID Feature

Experts also opine that the Touch ID now requires to rest under the screen. Apple is known to have been working on this particular functionality for some time now. It has been quite a while since Fingerprint recognition has emerged as one of the very important means of identifying a user and of course validating actions on iOS. Apple, in no way is expected to get rid of this feature or change the User Interface paradigms of identifying hardware changes.

Look under the accessibility features in settings and you can find the Assistive Touch Option. The touch option along with concerns regarding the costly replacement of the physical key remains one of the reasons why users have already started using the virtual home button.

Experts opine that hiding the TouchID feature will eliminate any room for argument triggered by the expansive bezels traced in the existing iPhone designs.

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