The Biggest Tech News of 2016: Looking back at the Times we Rejoiced and Regretted

No! The recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (followed by back to back reports of explosion) was not the only tech news that left us high and dry in 2016. There were other tech giants who faltered. While i-Phone 7 failed to live up to its pre-launch hype, the collapse of Google Glass proved to be a huge blow to Google’s aspirations of tech euphoria.

As 2016 draws close (at the time of writing this article) let us take a look at the most happening tech news of 2016.

The Failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Perhaps, nobody challenged Apple’s monopoly in the global smartphone market as formidably as Samsung managed to do. The South Korean company would do everything in its power to ensure a smooth pre-launch and post launch run for the most innovative product till date.

The launch and retail sale of Galaxy Note 7 was preponed by 10 days in August so as to avoid the remotest chances of clash with i-Phone 7. The pre-launch marketing efforts of the flagship had a fairly smooth start with great media reviews. Things looked smoother with news of Apple drawing flak for removing the headphone jack from i-Phone 7. Samsung stood in good light.

The post launch fortune however plummeted faster than one could even imagine. Thew news of the device exploding started pouring in from different parts of the world. Investigations led to identification of the core problem – lying with the construction itself.

Much to the dismay of the phablet owners, the flagship store would then go on to recall more than 2.5 million hand sets that were sold. They were not supposed to be recharged- as per warnings.

While we kept speculating, i-Phone 7’s fate is still not clear

While big names like the Reuters, Nikkei Asian Review and others kept on coming up with slightly contradictory estimation of i-Phone 7’s success, it is clear that the final verdict will only be out on January 2017 as the holiday season is officially over.

It was NAR (Nikkei Asian Review) which claimed that the demand for the smartphone was waning by minutes. They even went on to report that some of the sellers of components complained about plummeting sales. Reuters, on the other hand, came up with entirely contradictory reports.

However, do remember – there’s still time before we can actually go on to draw conclusions about i-Phone 7’s fate.

Failure of Google Glass

2015 indicated it. 2016 established it. Google’s bid to further its ambitions of tech supremacy was best represented by Google Glass. However, when it dwindled into obscurity right after its launch, people were busy digging reasons:

 The not-so- aesthetic appeal

 Obvious privacy concerns

 Carcinogenic radiation triggering health concerns

 Price

 Inability of Google to define its function properly

These were just some of reasons cited for the failure.

The rise of Xiaomi

This was a great piece of news for those who had always rooted for the proverbial minions. It was in the month of September when news broke that Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 sales had crossed a whopping 2.3 million since its launch.

According IDC’s India Monthly Smartphone Tracker reported, in June 2016 this one remained the highest shipped smartphone for online platforms in the country for any given quarter!

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