Accessories that come in handy with your smartphone

It’s natural for you to search for something great after you get your new phone. You may not have the right budget to find the right gift for a near and dear one. These days, smartphones have a lot of accessories and there’s no shortage of such items.

The market will show you through some really unique accessories that are truly useful and not something that will lie in your closet after a few days. In case you don’t need them, they will make some nice gifting options for a close friend.

Here is a list of accessories for your smartphone:

VR Headset


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Virtual Reality has gained much popularity of late, although it’s now in a nascent stage now. You’ll know the fuss very soon if you get a new VR headset, which is quite inexpensive. The world of VR finds a good entry point for users with the most affordable VR headsets like the one launched by Coolpad.

Selfie flash light

You’ll get a perfect accessory like a flash for the front camera of your phone. It will be of great help if you like taking selfies. Considering a low price, it’s an effective accessory with specific utility.

Table lamp bearing speaker

Table lamps bearing a speaker are things of great interest for those smartphone users that need a bedside accessory. You can make good use of the Bluetooth and aux port while listening to music; the brightness of your lamp has to be adjusted accordingly.

Repair kit

Your warranty will turn void with this one. Getting the repair kit proves handy through thick and thin. There’s no need for you to open your smartphone every now and then. You should only try it when there’s some problem like the one caused by water damage.


If you’re a game buff, your gamepad seems to come at the right price when you get a controller support for your choicest games. Possessing an android phone lets you use gamepads that are quite affordable like that of Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2. On the contrary, it proves more expensive when you use any controller for your iPhone. You must understand these facts prior to choosing smartphone models.

Photography lens

Your smartphone performs better with a few clip-on lenses. You can find a set of such lenses when your zoom lens doesn’t provide you with what you actually need. These clip-on lenses comprise of a wide-angle lens, a fish eye lens and a macro lens. You can take varying shots with your smartphone now that you have these cool apps.

The smartphone accessories mentioned above are bound to improve your smartphone experience under all circumstances. You must check out the performance of these accessories prior to buying them besides knowing the warranties provided with each such product. Although you may not use all of these gadgets at once, it’s in your best interest to learn how to utilize them to your advantage. All of these products are developed to make smartphones more user-friendly.


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