7 reasons why we can’t wait for iPhone7

Whether they own it or not, people are always curious about the fad surrounding an iPhone. Right now, many of us are waiting for the grand launch of iPhone 7 touted to be launched in September. Although the exact dates are yet to be announced officially by Apple authorities, the buzz is iPhone7 and 7Pro may be launched on September 7. While the news surrounding the launch of iphone 7 is doing the rounds, many are simply looking forward to the new features, specifications and design of this little device. Out of an array of updates (rather rumours!) from various reports and sources, we have picked out 7 features of iPhone 7 (if true) that may turn a lot of heads.

iphone 2

1. All glassy:

Much hardier sapphire glass may replace Corning’s Gorilla glass used in iPhone 6 series. Sapphire glass has been already used in iWatch and hence it won’t be a shocker if it is used in the new iPhone as well. Even the body may have an all-glassy look and feel instead of the regular aluminium casting.

2. Water proof:

While Samsung, Moto, HTC, Sony have already churned out water proof phones, none of the iphone series boasts of making this move. Although rumour has it, Apple may dive into the bandwagon with iPhone 7 where it will be water and dust proof as per iP67 standard. It means that the device can withstand water if submerged under 1 meter water for about 30 minutes.

3. Thin as ever:

With the latest Fan Out technology, the new iPhone may be much thinner with better battery capacity than its predecessors. This is the reason the company may do away with the traditional 3.5mm jack, making the phone 6.1 mm thick and 1mm thinner than iPhone6S. So maybe it’s going to be a wireless music experience for the new iPhone users.


4. Better picture quality:

iPhones are already well known for taking excellent pictures. Reports suggest, it’s going to get better with the new iPhone7. The company might be using dual sensor iSight camera with 13 megapixel primary and 8 megapixel secondary camera. So brighter and clearer pictures are coming your way pretty soon.

5. No Home button:

If rumours are to be believed, this may be one of the most interesting features of an iPhone ever. According to the leaked images of iPhone7, there is no traditional circular home button. Instead, there will be pressure sensitive home button which will be visible on screen and will respond to pressure on the feather touch screen with vibration. This may be used for a bigger screen experience.

6. Bigger screen with wireless charging:

This time, the feather touch screens may be fuller with OLED display. It may be a bit more than 5.5 inches screen size. Some reports claim, it will probably have a screen as big as 5.8 inches with yet another exclusive feature of wireless charging similar to arch-rival Samsung S6 Edge.


7. Huge capacity:

As per a forecast of an analyst house TrendForce, this time iPhone7 and 7plus models may provide storage capacity as big as 256GB and 128GB. The internal storage capacity may ditch 16 GB and go for a spacious 32GB memory making way for a lot more apps and media files.

As far as the prices are concerned, there are too many speculations from various tech experts. So we have to wait for a few more days to know the exact prices in US and India. As of now, all eyes of iPhone lovers are set on websites like iPhone7buzz.com and a Facebook page with over 2 lakh followers dedicated to the new iPhone7. The frenzy is all the more evident with people sharing the leaked images of the new iPhone. We can only wait and wish all the assumptions are true.

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