5 Engaging and intriguing gadgets that are all set to hit the market in 2017

As far as the world of tech is concerned, this year is pretty much over. Among all the major products which have been announced will be available during the holidays and as we are all set to bid goodbye to 216 and welcome 2017, we are definitely expecting a number of cool new gadgets which will intrigue and interest the gadget freaks like never before.
So what are they? The concerns of this article will give you a short list of the best electronic gadgets that are most likely to launch in 2017. This may not be a comprehensive list but they can definitely be those gadgets which we feel excited about. Let’s check them out.

#1: Samsung Galaxy S8

This is perhaps the first opportunity for Samsung to recover from the Note 7 crisis as it is going to come with the grand launch of the new flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 during the spring of 2017. There has not been too much information on this device but Samsung has definitely announced that it will definitely incorporate a digital assistant which is powered by Viv, the AI startup which was purchased in the earlier part of 2016. So, what’s in store for the Samsung users is something that we all are waiting for.

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#2: A foldable phone from Samsung

The team of Samsung has long been working on displays that can be bended for many years now and 2017 would probably be the first time when we could actually witness such a phone in the market. Since the company, Samsung filed a patent for this device, this has raised all speculations about the product arriving very soon in the market.

#3: Galaxy Note8

The experts are of the opinion that they’re pretty unsure about the future of Samsung Note phone due to unanticipated recall that was faced by Note 7 in 2016. There have been numerous abrupt rumours which said that Samsung might do away with the Note series once and for all in the coming year. But if there’s yet another new Note, then it’s definitely going to be the Note 8 with some even better new features.

#4: The new iMac

Although the iMac has been upgraded with HDR displays off late, it has been long since Apple has considerably upgraded their computer. Apple considered adding the new USB-C port to the lineup of iMac and this makes sense since the other computers of the company have also started adopting themselves to certain new standards. But till now, there hasn’t been any solid report on the time during which there will be a new iMac.

#5: iPhone 8

The next iPhone is certainly going to be a huge refreshed and rejuvenated version of the previous products, as per rumors and other reports. The iPhone 8, if ever it is to come in the market will have an entirely glass design with organic LED display, new screen size and with no home button. It has also been heard that Apple is working extremely hard in adding AR (augmented reality) features and hence there will be many kinds of apps which can make its way to this new iPhone. 2017 will be the 10th birthday year for iPhone and Apple might be getting ready to celebrate this auspicious day this way.
Therefore, if you’re someone who is a complete gadget-freak, you must be eagerly waiting for the big shot companies to bring in their new flagship phones and other gadgets. Keep searching online to get news and updates about the approaching products.

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