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1. How did blogging happen to you?

That was when I was in engineering and I badly wanted to show off my amateur photography to the world through a website. I started with Jimdo initially where I ended up sharing lab programs with my classmates. Later I took the courage of taking the idea of having a website to blogger platform. With a lot of struggle to understand what it is and how it works, I somehow could create my first blog with a name ‘Snaps Can Speak’ (drum rolls please).

‘Snaps Can Speak’ was non-commercial idea. It’s not just photography, tech is my passion too. I am studying in a tech branch (IT) and what else could stop me creating a tech blog?Amfas Tech was an idea generated when I was in the sick bed skipping my semester exams. That was a real hard time and the skipping of semester exams had freaked me out. I wanted to stay on the subject and I thought of using the secret weapon, the ‘passion’ (glow chimes please) as a solution. It helped me find myself into tech and gave me sophistication of learning.

2.How did your parents react to the idea of blogging?

Blogging is still a new term for everyone. Almost all the relatives and well educated people that I’ve met gave me an ‘Eh!’ when I spelled it out. They looked at me like as if I was wasting my life or the career. My parents are the most fantastic parents in this universe. They always supported me no matter what career I chose. They never tried to influence my choices in education and career. I have my full freedom granted with them on my side. Mostly my dad! He is the one who saved the magic scroll for me in my life. He is a writer himself that the world doesn’t know and he passed on the super powers to me. That’s how blogging has been actually possible in my life.

Should I still say what how did they react?

3. Was it education, experience or passion, which helped you in blogging?

All of ‘em. Education has grown my passion for technology into experience and helped me find myself as a writer and as a techie at a time. So, I would say, all of them helped me out.

4. Tech blogging is very competitive niche, how are you handling it?

Competition is not what I feel here. I love to write and that too on tech, I’d die to write on it. I never considered as a competitor but instead took all of fellow tech bloggers and blogs as inspiration. I’ve been leaning from the fellow bloggers every day. I believe competition closes the doors of learning and one should keep on learning until death to grow up himself and his business. (Sorry! I speak deep sh*t sometimes).

5. What are the tools you use to get traffic?

I get most of my traffic from search engines. I also use a few mass social share tools like hootsuite,, IFTTT and nothing else. I just write articles, optimize them (healthily) and publish them. That’s just works for me like magic every time.

6. What do you do to get traffic from social sites?

I share my articles strategically from time to time in a week. One can lean this technique by experience and by the blog reader’s behavior.It indeed changes from blog to blog based on the type of content and how it is delivered. I do networking to keep some loyal readers keep on visiting the site enthusiastically every time I post something.

7. Is blogging a new career in the market?

Absolutely. It is! Blogging is a part of marketing activity that the companies are after. Even the MNCs are approaching bloggers and maintaining their own blogs to spread the news about their new product that hasn’t even been launched yet.

8. Which are the blogs or bloggers, you follow?

I follow the blogs on my fellow bloggers including various tech, personality & growth related, SEO and internet marketing related. I’d even love to go through story writer’s blogs randomly. I admire their passion, efforts and inspire from them the techniques they use.

9. What are the posts you made, that made you feel proud?

I think I haven’t posted anything that would make me feel proud. But, I have posted some very unique posts that made feel like living while writing them. Isn’t ‘Proud’ a big word?

10. How can a blogger use AdSense effectively in his site?

The answer is easy and simple, jut focusing on the keywords that AdSense pays well.

11. What are your suggestions for young bloggers who are bypassing higher education for short term money?

It is very sad to see youngsters dropping out of school and colleges for blogging. I have also talked about this in another interview intensively. Education is what helps us at any stage of life. Even if the whole blogging field is doomed and you wanted to survive, you’d get a job somewhere based on the qualification you have. Blogging for short term money is a bad idea. I feel money is not the unit of success of anyone’s career. If you are earning some huge bucks from a blog, it is not success unless you can mention it in your portfolio.

Rock on! All the best!

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