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1)      First things first. Why a blog on testing?

I always have a practice to share tech stuffs to my friends. When I started learning more about performance testing, I felt that only very few quality blogs out there. So I decided to write articles about testing in a very simple plain English.

2)      How has been your blogging journey till now?

Initially I struggled to create an elegant blog; I faced issues in hosting and even my website compromised. After learning about web maintenance, it is a cake walk. I try to post 5-10 articles per month. In the inception, there was no readers as I was not sure about SEO stuffs, but later I figured it out and wrote quality articles. Now I have more than 10K visitors per month.

3)      Tell us something about your e-book?

I have authored two books till date. Right now I am writing about performance testing using LR and JMeter. I am planning to release it in couple months.

4)      How often do you update your blog?

I try to post 5-10 articles per month, sometime I may not post due to project work. But I always try to keep my blog up-to-date.

5)      Is blogging your passion or pastime?

It is a blend of both passion and hobby.

6)      Give some tips for new bloggers?

Do not create blogs just to click on Ads. Focus on content and write unique articles.

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