Panasonic’s new transmission system: A (more) prestigious future envisaged!

Tech giant Panasonic has come up with a transmission system which has the capability of exchanging information through human touch. This particular system is backed by the power to send even up to 100kbps data through a radio field on an individual’s skin. Data is exchanged when the person’s skin is touched with an appropriate transreceiver.


It was at Ceatec in Japan on the 3rd of October, 2016 that staff members demonstrated the workings of the prototype of the human skin transmission system. You can, for instance, grab a color coded ball which when touches the sensor connected to a lamp, leads to the data exchange process. Data exchange happens when the data on the color of the ball is passed on to the lamp. Experts opine that this particular technology will definitely be used to fulfill more practical purposes in future including the exchange of contact information between persons through handshake. Additionally, you can also expect to unlock the door of your house simply by placing your hand on the door knob.

Panasonic definitely envisages a more prestigious future for itself with this particular

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