How to make your blog profitable – 3 surefire tips

Building a profitable blog is not a matter of joke. And thus many bloggers quit blogging within a maximum span of 3 years of their journey. We know that thousands of blogs are being made live each and every day. So you can understand that it’s hard for a blogger with almost zero online reputation to build a money-making blog.


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However, it is not that difficult too! If you read any popular blog in your specific niche, you will know one thing – the blogs get plenty of shares, traffic and incoming links to their blog posts. To make your blog profitable – follow the same wheel. Here are 3 outstanding tips for you if you’re wondering how to make your blog successful and lucrative.

Increase traffic – Popular blogs usually get huge traffic from popular search engines. If your aim is to build a fantastic blog, concentrate on enhancing your website traffic following the mentioned strategies.

  • Be focused on increasing social shares. The more viewers share your content on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook the more viewers are likely to visit your site. Write great headlines to persuade people to click on the links. Feature easy options to share your posts.
  • Do thorough keyword research and use long tail keywords prior to writing your posts. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key option to increase your site traffic and that can be done only by focusing on choosing keywords.
  • Write posts for other blogs in your niche and get engaged with your peers to make your online reputation better.
  • Blog commenting is an eternal way to let people easily find your blog. But avoid writing one or two liner comments; instead write thoughtful comments as this definitely helps enhancing your traffic.

Reach out more people – Networking is the basic need when it comes to create a worthwhile blog online. None will be interested to buy your stuffs if they don’t know you. So increase your brand reputation, awareness and sales through proper networking. Reach out other bloggers and influencers in your niche to build long-term relation with them and share their stuffs on your social media accounts regularly.

  • Join seminars and attend webinars that are taking place around your place.
  • Participate in forum discussions especially blogging forums where you can get connected to other bloggers as such forums are crowded heavily with bloggers.
  • You can use Twitter. Follow the influencers from your niche. Make comments to their tweets and also retweet their stuff to fetch attention.
  • Email people whenever you see something fantastic. On the other hand, if you find broken links, let the site-owners know through email. This is an awesome means to make better relations.

Launch your products – Selling information products is an assured way to make passive income from your blog though most bloggers don’t opt for this stream – instead they adopt quick earning methods. Building a better and profit-making blog, you must launch your own products to let people manage their issues. While launching information productions, remember the following tips to ensure better sales.

  • To boost up digital product/service sales, there is no alternative to making a specific list of email subscribers interested in our products and ready to buy your stuffs.
  • Get help from the people who have already been on the way to makea money by means of selling their information products.
  • Offer commission to those who endorse your products on their blog. You can offer up to 80% as affiliate commission for each sale.

To start a gainful blog from the scratch is possible if you have the zeal to help people. It’s simply about considering blogging as a means to reach out more people and spread your message. Be consistent as consistency plays an important role in your blogging success.

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