Let artificial intelligence be the face of the future virtual world free from cyber- bullying

Voltaire once stated that “With great power comes greater responsibility.” The internet invention has opened many doors for us —- so much so that with the click of a button and the swipe of the thumb we can just make anything happen. We are, without doubt, gifted to be a part of technology advancements that make life easy. Having said this, the disturbing part of the story is that power is misused at large where cyber-bullying and digital mugging have become expressions of every day conversations. Unlike other mechanisms, artificial intelligence offers response without delay and implements algorithms into action that can identify cyber threats with no hindrances.

Cyber-bulling literally means the harassment with the use of technology but it is more than it seems and can cause extreme emotional and psychological distress to the person facing it.

A machine that replicates human psyche: Artificial intelligence is a mechanism that imbibes the machine to think like a being. Therefore it thinks like us but acts like a device and works wonders as a cyber security mechanism.

Lesser turnaround time when making decisions: We humans are unable to win over stress that barrage our mind and especially in times of crisis we decelerate to get ourselves together to make decisions. A machine endowed with artificial intelligence will be timely in making decisions and this gain time in a way will ensure results.

Data mining as an impeccable feature of AI: Machine learning methods work with speed when it comes to analysing huge amount of data with accuracy which is unlikely for human beings. Security teams can avail this system to get a ready to use processed data that can help them focus better.
Identifying the associated behaviour pattern: Backed by unstructured and raw data, this system reads into the behavioural pattern of the attackers efficiently. This profiling acts as leverage for the cyber security teams who were until now simply using playing back methods.

Technology artefact works better in resolving threats: The way in which cyber crimes take place– it hardly leaves any scope for humans to intervene. However being borne out of technology AI stands tall against the threats and attacks.

The threats and attacks will mature in time. We will formulate strong defence mechanisms so can the hackers take hands on AI to achieve their goals. Present day artificial intelligence makes our future look good. A virtual world for our children which is free from cyber criminals. Social media has frayed many opportunities, expected in today’s techno age but evaluation and control come handy when we share our personal information on the net. The automation, planning and decision making that the machine gets armed with when artificial intelligence is programmed is unimpeachable and prevention of threats becomes easy. Not only has it raised the level of cyber defence teams but this new breakthrough has given rise to the ‘New machine age’.

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