Will Samsung really launch folding smartphone soon?

The ambitions for Samsung launch of the Galaxy S-7 and S7 edge are not given as much weightage as their ambition for 2017, which is way grander. The South Korean manufacturer is well poised to release five new flagship phones next year, according to a reputable Samsung blog. Some of the upcoming devices are too surprising. It is going to update galaxy S series with the S 8 and S 8 edge. Note 7 edge and galaxy note 7 will be introduced as well. Multiple stations of apps have been installed in Samsung mobile phones, tablets. The phones will be introduced with the bendable screens as the Bloomberg sources tells about this company.

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There are multiple characteristic properties of the S7 edges. These are as follows:

• The edge of S7 has got a curved screen.
• The phone has been in development for a while under the code name Project Valley.
• Releasing the long awaited foldable phone next year will only make sense – amidst all the hype Samsung has been able to build around S7 and S7 Edge.
• The sales of the smart phones are falling for the most major manufacturers.
• Each new device seems to be more similar than different to its predecessor.
• The applications are quite new and profound than other phones of Samsung.
• There is no business of hanging involved in this model.



The foldable smart phone that Samsung has been working on for the last few years will be becoming the reality soon. Samsung is apparently going to start mass production soon, according to prominent news reports. Samsung is planning to introduce a smart phone with folding screen that can turn into tablet when unfolding it. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?


Get ready to explore a wide range of merits with this launch. This can jolly well heat up the battle between the Samsung’s galaxy series of phones and the apple Iphone, which according to rumors, will pack the screens OLED in the future. The entire plan dubbed as “Project Valley” will be appearing around in February 2017. There are multiple screen tech android phones based on its uses. A look at its features

a) Replacement touch screen
b) Android phones with dual sim


There is no news on the release dates or the prices of these android phones since Samsung does not comment on rumors. People can expect S8 and S8 edge to release in the early spring based on the past launch schedule.

While the tech world waits for the release of these phones with bated breath, Samsung is secretly hoping to secure definitive edge with all the hype it has been able to generate.


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