Samsung Galaxy S7: How it has fared so far

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 (2016 edition) were launched during a time when there was every chance of them being eclipsed by the upcoming Galaxy Note 6. However, that did not happen and Galaxy S7 did go on to hog as much limelight as was coveted by Samsung. Today, we will particularly be talking about how exactly G7 has fared so far- whether it has been able to live up to the hype or not. Let’s read on.


Those who still aren’t aware- let us walk you through the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7:

• Display: 5.5 inch
• Front Camera: 5 megapixel
• Processor: 1.5 GHz
• Storage: 16 GB
• Resolution: 720 x 1280 megapixels
• OS: Android 5.1
• Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
• Rear Camera: 13 megapixel
• RAM: 1.5 GB


The 2016 edition of Samsung S7 had sparked hopes primarily owing to the fact that its predecessors (the 2015 edition of the same) had performed well in the market. Since it was coming with myriad feature updates – it was obviously expected that S7 (2016) will rightly take after its predecessor. So, has it been successful in living up to these expectations? Let us find out.


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Sales and reviews

As far as sales figures are concerned, S7 did not disappoint. According to reports, a whopping 60,000 units of these smartphones (both Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge) were sold right on the day it made its debut in the South Korean market. The second day saw the sales coming down to 40,000 (industry data accumulated by Yonhapnews). The sales figures registered in the year 2016 far surpassed the figures of 2015. It was reported that only 20,000 units were sold in the first 10 days of their launch.

However, the initial sales figures are no guarantee of quality but the user reviews, to a large extent, are. Let us find it out from the proverbial horse’s mouth- the users themselves.


Let us tell you that as per the general reviews are concerned the phone justifies its price tag – within the range of 15K. It packs a great display with vibrant hues. The performance of both the front and back cameras has drawn general praise and so has the battery back-up. A 1.5 GB RAM ensures that there is no hanging or lagging problem as well.

Users however don’t have anything encouraging to say about the headphone, with some of them even rejecting it downright and calling Sony the best. Additionally, users would have loved a tad better speaker quality, as well.

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